Polymer Chaos #153: Master Debaters 2012

pc_153_masterdebaters2012Now then, last time I did this I suddenly decided after the election was over to consider any comments left as votes. Since I didn’t actually tell any one this, there ended up only being two “votes”.  So, this time, with the power of being able to not have to pay to make a poll like on DeviantArt, there will be a poll!  You can vote for someone if you want!  I’ll leave it running until Election Day.  And then I guess I’ll do something based on the result.

Rathalos is saying “kill the Dovahkiin”, in case you don’t feel like learning Dragon.

Polymer Chaos #17: Why They Are Separate

pc_017_whytheyareseparateMy comic of Polymer Chaos and my world of Arrynvia will always remain seperate entities. Let this comic be an example of why.

Because I’m the only one that will actually understand what the hell is going on here.

Also no one actually cares about the thing that isn’t toy comics.

Viewing this image and related text might help you some.