Liebster thing?!

evolution politely tagged me with some sort of thing about answering questions on a blog, so I guess I’ll do that.  I will probably be a bit unsatisfying, though, since SSS-Rank Introversion and all.

1. What got you into blogging?

Desperately trying to figure out some other way to post the dumb figure comics I make, since DeviantArt is and always will be garbage.  At some point, I thought that since I do this figure junk I could also try my hand at “reviews”, but I don’t think that went very well.

2. What’s your favourite cartoon/anime series?

A lot of moeshit anime, Lucky Star, Hidamari Sketch, Excel Saga, Is the Order a Rabbit?.  Feels hard to answer, though, I don’t think about an absolute favorite much but what I like right now/recently and I just default to those animus as an answer.

3. What’s your favourite live-action TV series?

The only live-action stuff I’ve watched in years are some Kamen Riders, Red Letter Media’s stuff, and, uh, HGTV.  They’re all fine.

4. If you had to keep only three toys/figures/etc. in your collection, which ones would they be?

Diablo 2 Diablo, Kokuten Tae (I will not have a seat), probably Nendoroid Saber Extra.


I’m not sure I have anyone to tag, or even any questions I’d want to ask that are worth answering, so if you happen to see this feel free to tag yourself and answer your own questions.