A Post-Otakon Post

ota14post01So last weekend I went to Otakon 21 up in Baltimore.  This year, I was with my friends Chag and his waifu, who came all the way from the frozen wastes of Canada because I guess their local cons in the Toronto aren’t that great.  Missed last year’s, so it was nice to pretend to have some sort of non-shitty life again.  And now that I have a nice camera and a nice camera bag to go with it, I actually tried taking some pictures again, though I don’t think I’m very good at taking pictures of people or people cosplaying.  I didn’t cosplay any myself, aside from the Horizon armband I wore for the duration of the con, but it’s one of those things where every time I go to Otakon, I end up wanting to cosplay.  Maybe I’ll try being a FFXIV White Mage next time, seems like I could just buy most of the outfit online…

All these pictures, except the loot pics at the end, are all in chronological order, so that’s why they’ll seem to jump around randomly.

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Something Different

Since I pushed out four comics over two weeks just so I could make some stupid numbers align, I’m going to be a slacker this week. But, I happened to end up looking through some old files and decided I wanted to post something different, anyways.

This is one of the “original” comics, before they were all removed from the Internet for serious lack of quality and generally being absolutely terrible. This particular one is one of the few old comics that I was really happy with, even though it doesn’t really have a strong “joke” or anything like that, being more sentimental and introspective. It was actually the last comic I made before my graduation from my university, so perhaps obviously, it’s not one of the few “good” ideas that I can recycle into a new comic like I did with Epic Death of a Space Marine. Oh God I am so old.

See how it expresses hope for the future! A hope that would be brutally crushed in the proceeding years of being out in the “real world”.

Marine’s wearing a poorly-made paper “robe” because he was going crazy for that crappy excuse of a story arc, assuming the world would end when their time at the dorm ended. (also, I used to characterize him more as a drunk, but I haven’t really done much of that anymore and I probably let Iron Man be the drunk one now)

For some other, random info! This was obviously also before I knew how to make speech bubbles that didn’t look like shit. And they used to be even worse. Thankfully, I eventually learned how to actually use the Paintshop I’ve always used and started making better bubbles.

The original name of the comic when I first started making them was “Story of Dorm!”, since it was taking place in my dorm room, I guess. And since I’m retarded. I don’t think it took long to drop the “orm”, since I figured that not all of the comics would be in a dorm room, especially if I actually kept making them. It was still a terrible name, though, and I am happy to have been able to think up of the much better/sensical/grammatically-correct “Polymer Chaos”.

Were You Aware? The last Story of D! comic was never actually deleted! You can view it here, if you want to: http://hamstercorp.deviantart.com/art/SoD250-Truth-of-the-Matter-89988055
Although I don’t know why you’d want to because holy shit is it stupid.

And, um, thanks for reading my crappy comics, I guess? If you do read them, anyways.


Templates are fun for the whole family!

Whew.  Finally finished uploading all the comics here!  Also uploaded the Figma Madoka “review” post, though I’m not sure yet which of the others I’ll stick up here.  Possibly the RD Sinanju and a few others, but not all of them, since a lot of those posts were actually pretty crappy.

So, in celebration and as a bonus, here’s two templates I’ve made in the past!

If you do anything with these, let me see what you do!  I like seeing people do stuff with my stuff, and I actually have a habit of saving any edits/macroes of my pictures I see people post.

(remember to click the images for the full-size)

A recreation of the “machine code” meme, using Figma Haruhi and Saber.

The blank for the “Strike Witches Comics” rip-off of Dinosaur Comics I made.  The font I used (and I am pretty sure that Dinosaur comics also uses) is Lucidia Console.

Yay!  Maybe I can go make some new comics now!  Or just make more headers!  Or go play Skyrim!