New Arrival: Robot Damashii Extreme Gundam (type-LEOS) Xenon Face

extremepost01Or just Extreme Leos from here on out.  Extreme Leos is from the Gundam Extreme VS Full Burst game, which I have never actually played on account of being a Japanese arcade game until only recently, and even then the PS3 version ain’t never getting localized.  I have played the previous iteration of the game for a few minutes, but Extreme Leos wasn’t in that version and I generally had no idea what was going on.

I had been waffling on Extreme for quite a while, passing on the original release and the re-release.  Even though I thought it looked really cool, I kept being disappointed with various Robot Damashiis I had previously gotten, so I think I was worried Extreme Leos wouldn’t be as good as it looked.  Finally decided to go ahead and pick one up at Otakon, and now I kinda wish I had went ahead and bought it earlier.  At least I still only paid pretty much retail price.

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New Arrival: Figma Shimakaze

shimapost01Figma Shimakaze, or as some put it, Figma Rensouhou-chan with bonus boatgirl figure.  From the second coming of Christ Touhou, Kantai Collection ~KanColle~.  A game I haven’t even played because fuck region locks and lotteries just to get in.  I’ll wait for the anime or maybe that Vita game or whatever.

I don’t feel particularly confident about these pictures or this post, but I suppose it’ll be better than the Girl Diablo post which I feel bad about.

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New Arrival: NECA Diablo 3 Diablo

girldpost01NECA’s Diablo 3 version of Diablo.  Or as I prefer, Girl Diablo.  Purchased from Bigbadtoystore since I think they had pre-orders open before anyone else, but you can also get it from Blizzard directly.

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New Arrival: SHFiguarts Cure Heart

heartpost01Figuarts Cure Heart, from the cartoon series made for little girls, DokiDoki! Precure, and my first Figuarts in quite a while.  Purchased from Amiami since for some reason HLJ wasn’t even bothering to offer any sort of discount.  Although speaking of Amiami, apparently they’re pulling some scummy tactics by basing their “discounts” on prices that include Japan’s domestic sales tax, which HLJ and Hobby Search don’t charge.

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