4 thoughts on “Polymer Chaos #321: Fate/GO Broke

  1. ahahaha so saber extra not in english ver yet ? :D you also hooked up and ready to throw cash on these XD, I still wonder why people love these kind of gacha games, I guess a good thing that my phone not support XP ….. i prefer collect cards instead digital characters they will last longer after all ..
    I have painfull memory of web babsed games and soon or later they gone :(

    • Nero just got added a few days ago, luckily she was easy enough to get and I got her with free gems.
      I guess it’s the power of the waifus, but Fate/GO is actually the first game like this I’ve played, and honestly it’s kinda boring and not much fun and there really isn’t much to get out of even getting someone you like. Starlight Stage spoiled me by being way better.

  2. What’s the point in playing when there best Saber is not in the game yet?! I sure hope she does come home easily before I need to empty my treasury when the time comes though.

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