2 thoughts on “Polymer Chaos #310: I Bought It This Year

  1. But, that game didn’t come out this year?

    Also from what I heard it’s kinda bad but does sound fun and edgy. Plus unlike Sonic 06 I think this one was actually playable!

    Looking at my finished games for last year only two were from releases that year and between I am Setsuna and Dark Souls 3 I guess the latter wins for my GotY?

    • It’s okay, I experienced it for the first time in 2016, that’s what counts.

      I haven’t put much time in it, but it is goofy as fuck but also the first level is absolute garbage, though the second level I played was better.

      If I was being serious about picking a GOAT that actually released in 2016, it’d probably be Doom. Go play that copy you bought.

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