4 thoughts on “Polymer Chaos #302: In the Year of Our Lord 2016

      • Maybe hard for me to understand the joke this time as I didn’t know any of konami blunder in their arcade games ?
        Or this come back to , pricey DLCs, the new metal gear,how they kick kojima out,sillent hill gone,etc ^^ and yeah the irony of the comic seeing Starf still happily promote Konami :P even after busou shinki get sacked and Snake Playing game in the background XD

        • While Konami’s console division seems to have gone into death throes, the Bemani/Arcade section has been doing just fine, still making a thousand rhythm games. The latest version of the DDR arcade, DDR A, was localized and released in the US recently, which hasn’t happened since around when DDR was first invented.

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