2 thoughts on “Polymer Chaos #293: Something Done Quick

  1. I’ve never been good at speed runs, there is usually the barrier of performing really weird and stupid looking actions with exact timing and I’m fairly bad at that stuff. Plus I always end up thinking of the OoT stuff I seen with Link rolling backwards or something because it’s faster than running I just think to myself that the annoyance of doing that is not worth it.

    That said if more games were like Metroid and used the carrot and stick of some nice T&A, I would be more willing.

    • I once did a Super Metroid run that came in in an hour, although I probably spent longer than that just trying to get the mockball trick to work to pull off the run.

      Kinda would like to do speedruns, seems pretty fun, but I don’t think there’s any games I’m actually good enough at to be even remotely competitive. At least it can be fun to incorporate things learned from watching other speedruns into regular playthroughs.

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