5 thoughts on “Polymer Chaos #265: Lord of Ham

  1. Never played diablo so I don’t get it… although isn’t Nehpalem the word used to refer to the half-angel demon slayers in Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter novels?

    …meh, whatever. Speaking of Madoka, have you seen the new anime Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de aru? (tl. Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero)?

    It’s got a lot of similarities with Madoka, to the point where some critics are calling it a Madoka rip-off… which of course immediately incites the Yuu^3 fandom to riot.

    It’d be awesome if you had a Yuuki Yuuna figure so you could get her into a fight with Madoka over this… and then maybe a certain other magical girl can come along and force them to be friends the only way she knows how *coughpeacethroughsuperiorfirepowercough*

    • Don’t know about those books, but Diablo 3 uses “nephalem” to eventually describe the player characters. Though the idea here was more that Diablo is also really hammy in that game, with “How tastes your fear, Nephalem?” being a common taunt during a fight.

      I did watch Yuuki Yuuna and enjoyed it. I wouldn’t say it’s a rip-off of Madoka, but it’s definitely in that “dark magical girl show” bandwagon that Madoka spawned.

      I know the show got at least one Nendoroid and some scale figures, but looks like it got passed over for Figmas or such.

      • Ah I see. Yeah it’s definitely on the bandwagon. Also I think people were reading too much into Yuuki and Togou – both characters have similar appearance and color schemes to Madoka and Homura, not to mention hints a relationship that goes way beyond just subtext (Even though its a recent anime I’m surprised I haven’t seen more rule-34 of the YuukixTogou ship). TVTropes said comparing it to Madoka Magicka was the best way to piss off a Yuuki Yuuna fan so I thought it’d be a funny reference. Course, if they don’t have a Figma then its hard to make a comic out of it XP

        Still I enjoy your work, keep it up.

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