New Arrival: Robot Damashii Extreme Gundam (type-LEOS) Xenon Face

extremepost01Or just Extreme Leos from here on out.  Extreme Leos is from the Gundam Extreme VS Full Burst game, which I have never actually played on account of being a Japanese arcade game until only recently, and even then the PS3 version ain’t never getting localized.  I have played the previous iteration of the game for a few minutes, but Extreme Leos wasn’t in that version and I generally had no idea what was going on.

I had been waffling on Extreme for quite a while, passing on the original release and the re-release.  Even though I thought it looked really cool, I kept being disappointed with various Robot Damashiis I had previously gotten, so I think I was worried Extreme Leos wouldn’t be as good as it looked.  Finally decided to go ahead and pick one up at Otakon, and now I kinda wish I had went ahead and bought it earlier.  At least I still only paid pretty much retail price.

extremepost02Attempt at a picture for posting around.  I wish I already had the Tamashii Effect flame parts, but since I decided to get them from Amazon, it’ll still be a bit before I get them.

Even though I’m not familiar with the source of Extreme Leos, I still wanted to get it because I think it just looks awesome.  I like that it looks more like the original Gundam look than a lot of other “protagonist” Gundams, I like the way the add-on parts make it bulkier on the arms and legs, I like the blocky shape and lines of the suit, especially the square shoulders instead of the giant wedges a lot of suits have, and I like the color scheme.  Extreme Leos just looks very Gundam to me, and I like that.

Interestingly, Extreme Leos is actually a second variant of Extreme Gundam, Extreme being infamously voiced by Gackt.  Curiously, Extreme Leos is a regular release which later got recolored into Extreme Gundam as a limited webshop release.  There’s also an expansion pack for Extreme Leos to be able to display it in the other modes it can do, but it runs for like $100 on Mandarake and I don’t really care for giant wings on my Gundams.

extremepost03Front view.  By default, Extreme Leos comes equipped with the “Xenon Face” parts.

extremepost04Although the large backpack unit does have to be put on.

extremepost05I don’t know if it’s a standard thing now, but Extreme Leos actually features articulation that’s more capable than the typical Robot Damashii, and it’s a bit surprising how well it all works.  Leos is quite flexible and really good at posing, although I guess it’s kind of odd for a giant mech to be so highly flexible…

extremepost06The most impressive areas are the hips and shoulders.  The shoulders can move back and forth much better than my previous RD’s (if an older RD could even do it at all) and there’s basically nothing getting in the way of maximizing hip movement.  The torso also has three joints in it for great effect.  Extreme Leos has…extreme dynamics.  It is worth noting that the leg pieces hinder the articulation, but only ever so slightly.  And for some reason, Extreme Leos doesn’t have toe/foot joints like most Robot Damashiis, but that’s pretty much the only articulation issue.

extremepost07The hips seem to be improved with an interesting joint setup instead of the usual ball joints.  Seems to work better, and hopefully it’ll prove to be more durable than ball joints, too.

extremepost08The bulky add-on bits that make up the Xenon Face have their own gimmicks, as well.  The arm sections can change into this deployed form, I presume for various attacks.

extremepost09Another view of the expansion.  Having the things out in front does hinder the hands a bit, but I think that’s sort of the point.

extremepost10The sides of the legs can open up to have these yellow pieces put in, which I think might be a part of another attack.  The backs of the leg sections can also flip around to reveal more thrusters.

extremepost11Better view of the yellow thing part swapping.  The smaller piece on the right is what’s in there by default.

extremepost12The backpack’s sides open to reveal thrusters, and the center section flips around for more thrusters.  I suspect Xenon Face is about SPEED and melee attacks.

extremepost13Shot of some sort with everything deployed.

extremepost14Extreme Leos’ main gimmick, though, is that the bulky add-on bits are all removable, allowing you to switch between the Xenon Face mode and Extreme Leos’ “normal” mode.

extremepost15And here are all the normal mode parts.  The leg panels are labelled on the inside to tell you which leg they go on, and the bits for the arms and knees are the same for either side.

extremepost16With all the normal mode pieces on, Extreme Leos looks much more like a typical Gundam.extremepost17Back view.

extremepost18The back of the head has this weird partial Gundam face on it, because apparently when Extreme or Extreme Leos change between forms, they change their face, too.  Seems kind of silly, honestly, and I would have preferred a normal back-of-the-head.

extremepost19Besides all the Xenon Face and normal mode bits, Leos, has four sets of hands.  Along with the default fists, there’s a pair of grasping hands, splayed hands, and holding-things hands.  The hands are bigger than typical RD hands, though I don’t know if it’s a stylistic thing here or if they’re making them easier to work with.

extremepost20Grasping hands, ready for molesting.

extremepost21Splayed hands.

extremepost22And holding hands, with the two beam sabers Leos comes with.  The beam sabers are a bit loose in the hands, though, and it seems like the hands are also supposed to be able to hold the guns that come in the expansion set.  The beam sabers are more of salmon color than other beam sabers I have.

extremepost23Extreme Leos also comes with a Tamashii Stage bit to finish off the accessories.  No stage of its own, though.

extremepost24Typical Robot Damashii box.

extremepost25Some sort of comparison picture.  Leos is actually a bit bigger than I was expecting.

Now for random pictures.

extremepost26Used to make the header.




extremepost30And block!

extremepost31I guess that would have to be a pretty big dakimakura.

extremepost32More kicking, since Extreme Leos is so good at it.

extremepost33Decided to take a shot of all my Robot Damashiis.  Extreme Leos is my new favorite.


2 thoughts on “New Arrival: Robot Damashii Extreme Gundam (type-LEOS) Xenon Face

  1. I once played the original Gundam vs game on the PSP, I wonder if these new ones are anything like it.

    The Extreme Gundam looks pretty cool, even more so if you use all those fancy extra parts. Just look at those wings man, so spiffy.

    I wanna buy a Robot Damashii, I would like more mecha stuff to complement all my pretty plastic butts. I should just commit to that Nu Gundam I’ve been eying for like half a year.

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