A Post-Otakon Post

ota14post01So last weekend I went to Otakon 21 up in Baltimore.  This year, I was with my friends Chag and his waifu, who came all the way from the frozen wastes of Canada because I guess their local cons in the Toronto aren’t that great.  Missed last year’s, so it was nice to pretend to have some sort of non-shitty life again.  And now that I have a nice camera and a nice camera bag to go with it, I actually tried taking some pictures again, though I don’t think I’m very good at taking pictures of people or people cosplaying.  I didn’t cosplay any myself, aside from the Horizon armband I wore for the duration of the con, but it’s one of those things where every time I go to Otakon, I end up wanting to cosplay.  Maybe I’ll try being a FFXIV White Mage next time, seems like I could just buy most of the outfit online…

All these pictures, except the loot pics at the end, are all in chronological order, so that’s why they’ll seem to jump around randomly.

ota14post02The hotel we were staying at had these goofy bed cover sheets with the hotel’s name on them.  Strarf was one of the two figures I took with me since she is my little robot waifu.

ota14post03Outside the convention on Thursday as badge pick-up was starting.  This is before the despair and horror of endless lines set in.  We couldn’t have known!

ota14post04The infamous “Ice Cold Water Guy” was there, of course.

ota14post05An old boat they keep in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.  Thought about bringing Shimakaze for some pics with this boat and any others, but decided against it.

ota14post06Random Inner Harbor shot.

ota14post07ota14post08More random cityscape shots.  I like cityscapes!

ota14post09Otakon started holding “Matsuri” events on the Thursday before the con officially starts the past few years.  This year they had some sumo wrestlers doing some stuff.

ota14post10There’s a life-size statue of a previous Baltimore mayor at the Inner Harbor which happened to be just perfect for Chag’s Mikudayo.

ota14post11The old Power Plant building is pretty neat, even if it is given over to a bunch of common stores now.

ota14post12Strarf sitting around.

ota14post13There was also a Spongebob thing.  Not as perfect for the Mikudayo.

ota14post14A terrible picture of Strarf.

ota14post15Thursday’s dinner was at Cheesecake Factory, which I seem to have successfully used to forever corrupt the minds of my Canadian friends, from a land with no Cheesecake Factories.

ota14post16Unfortunately, Otakon happened to switch to a new computer system this year, which of course failed spectacularly.  This was only a small part of the line for pre-registration badge pick-up.

ota14post17Another section of the line when we gave up at 10:30 PM, when they had to stop letting people in for the night.

ota14post18Then at around 7:00 AM Friday morning, this was just a small part of the line to pick up badges.  Some people were a bit “a bloo bloo bloo lines” but I had a 3DS and the Street Passes just would not stop I’m good.

ota14post19After finally getting in, one of many Nonons!  Quite a few Kill la Kill cosplayers, which was cool.

ota14post20There were even some brave souls doing Nudist Beach cosplay.

ota14post21Random shot of the registration booths.

ota14post22The Starbucks inside the convention center was pretty popular.

ota14post23Awkward Strarf photo.

ota14post24Crowd shot at one of the major nexuses.

ota14post25Cute Fight Club Mako!


ota14post27Strarf and my 3DS.  Like the last time I went to Otakon, the 3DS was never turned off.  The Street Pass harvest was most glorious.  Even though NINTENDOOOOOMED

ota14post28The still-terrifying badge pick-up line around lunch on Friday.

ota14post29I think at max it effectively wrapped around the entire block two or three times.  There were apparently 35000 people at the con.

ota14post30Aniplex was showing off the Figma Devil Homura prototype.  With Goodsmile not coming like they apparently did last year, and Bluefin not having cases for some reason, this was the only figure thing being shown off.

ota14post31Neat alleyway where Saturday’s breakfast was had.

ota14post32There were a lot of League of Legends cosplayers.  I feel like I didn’t expect so many, since the designs are pretty eccentric and over-the-top.  But hey!  Ahri!


ota14post34Noticed a Shanoa and Albus at a distance.

ota14post35Dovahkiin, a Dragon Priest, and female Forsworn from Skyrim!

ota14post36The best cosplay at the convention was easily a girl wearing a Metal Gear fucking REX.  I wonder how they even got it there.

ota14post37 ota14post38 ota14post39 ota14post40 ota14post41Seriously tho

ota14post42Utsuho and Rin!  Curiously, I saw more male Touhou cosplayers than female ones this year.  In fact, there seemed to be a whole lot more crossplay going on than I’ve seen before.

ota14post43Godrobe Satsuki and Ryuuko!

ota14post44Tyrael, Malthael, and Auriel from Diablo 3!

ota14post45A big fountain thing at the Inner Harbor, which is a popular photo spot for the many cosplayers.  There were a few boatgirls down there, didn’t see that many KanColles overall, though.

ota14post46Saturday’s dinner was Uno’s.


ota14post48That fountain plaza again.

ota14post49A fountain inside the convention center is also a major photoshoot spot.  Bunch o’ damn Assassins at this time.

ota14post50Nue and Sonic, because

Of course, I bought a bunch of shit, too, even though I didn’t really need to.  But then, a bunch of money ended up going to food and parking, so it feels like I spent more on loot than I actually did.  So now some loot pictures.

ota14post51Amazingly, the only figure I actually bought at the con was Robot Damashii Extreme Gundam Leos.  I almost didn’t get it, as it was hidden behind another RD in a spot in a booth I had overlooked in my initial Dealer’s Room sweep on Friday.  The figure selection didn’t seem that great this year, besides tons of prize figures most vendors seemed to be focusing on stuff like Attack on Titan, Sailor Moon, and Power Rangers Figuarts.  Not a lot of cutting-edge releases – I didn’t even see any Figma Shimakazes around.  I also got that crab thing at a gift shop, since Baltimore uses a crab as a mascot for some reason and I’ve been wanting a GIANT ENEMY CRAB for my figures.

ota14post52I’ve gotten a couple of new bags since the last time I was at a con, so I was finally able to get myself some keychains, Misaka Imouto and Satsuki, for the bags, and now all my bags are back in compliance of having one anime girl keychain on them.

ota14post53I liked this show and a booth was selling it for $20, so I grabbed it since that’s cheaper than Amazon.  I didn’t notice it was a Blu-ray + DVD combo pack, though.  I still think those things are stupid.

ota14post54Music!  The musicians performing at Otakon proper this year were ALTIMA and a guy from X Japan that goes by Yoshiki. I wasn’t able to get a CD from ALTIMA before they were sold out, but apparently they’ve got an album on iTunes I’ll have to get sometime.  Yoshiki was there under the auspices of his classical concert tour, but the only CD being sold was that X Japan one so I guess he hasn’t released a CD of his classical stuff.  Both were great shows, though, and quite enjoyable.  Over the past few years I’ve picked up the habit of getting a random Touhou music CD (from the infamous porn booth, curiously enough, since they’ve always got a bunch of Touhou things alongside all the porn), so that one there is this year’s random selection, looks like it’s based on Undefined Fantastic Object.  The last CD is another random purchase from one of the DJ’s that were doing things at the con and had a booth, a “video game remix” DJ, apparently.

ota14post55Another thing I like to do every time I go to a convention is find an artbook to add to my collection.  Sometimes I get something I recognize, sometimes I pick at random.  This one was one of the randomly-selected ones, and it’s basically entirely a porn artbook.  Donmai!

ota14post56I’ve started to want a “boob mousepad” for a while now, and decided I’d try to find one at Otakon.  This Sonico one turned out to be the only one I even saw in the Dealer’s Room, so I went with it.  Pretty nice, though it’ll take some getting used to since it’s radically different from my normal setup.  Someone called it “beautiful” as I was buying it so I guess that works out.

ota14post57An 11×17 print of Reimu bought from Kaze-hime.  Now I can finally use that last 11×17 frame I had lying around!

ota14post58Otakon’s yearly t-shirt offering and a Kill la Kill shirt…which is actually apparently a women’s shirt.  I didn’t realize it was such when I bought it because it wasn’t marked as such in any way, and unfortunately I am not a girl so I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it.

ota14post59My Canadian friends brought me this candy bar from their homeland because apparently it’s some kind of travesty that it’s not available in the States.  It was alright, basically a large Kit Kat bar that tasted sort of like coffee.

I also went to Ikea on the way home and bought another Synas and some cinnamon rolls to stave off the loneliness and depression for a few more minutes.

Despite the problems they had, Otakon was fun, as usual.  Hope to be able to continue going again next year!  Maybe I’ll finally cosplay!

8 thoughts on “A Post-Otakon Post

  1. Yeah, look all those crowds, I think this is about the max I could handle it. Totally worth the sacrifice to go hang out with you guys though if I can manage to go one of these years.

    So many cosplayers, I can see myself spending all my time there just taking photos of cosplayers. I saw a video of that Rex, it was pretty darn cool.

    • It’ll be like teaching a baby to swim by throwing them in water! While there are a lot of max-traffic chokepoints, there are still usually less crowded areas to sit or whatever, along with simply going outside.

      For a few years I gave up on trying to take pictures of cosplayers, part because I was bad at it and part because there was just too many good cosplayers.

  2. Came for the weebs, stayed for the cheesecakes. Subsequent visits to the DC venue will depend heavily on the presence of quality cheesecake vendors in the area.


    • Died from the grease.

      Looks like there’s one near a metro station just outside DC, I guess you’ll be good.

      Amazing! You weren’t scared away by my driving or music!

  3. Man, Otakon looks like it’s a ton of fun! Did you guys get to goto the Jojo’s Posing school? That MGS mech is awesome. The Godoka and Satsuki cosplayers are brave. And wow, some of those gathering places are so crowded! Was it packed in the Trader’s Hall as well?

    I miss going to large cons that have concerts and stuff, I used to attend/staff Anime Expo regularly and the concerts there always rocked as well. In Australia, the cons are too small to warrant having large concerts like that and never have the epicness of the big American cons. Except maybe PAX.

    You should definitely try to make it to PAX East someday if you can. I think I spent a disproportionate time of the con in lines for panels harvesting StreetPasses and Animal Crossing homes. And of course the panels were awesome. And retro video games were awesome. The whole thing was awesome

    • We barely missed the Jojo Posing School, they closed the line once they were at room capacity. There was a lot of that happening this year with panels being at room capacity. Otakon has basically maxed out the Baltimore Convention Center, but they’re moving to DC in 2017, which has a much larger convention center. Pretty much everything is constantly packed now.

      Large cons are the best, I think. I’ve been to some smaller cons, and while I don’t mind seeing smaller music acts, the smaller cons feel more tight-knit and not as accessible to a friendless introvert like me.

      I would like to go to a PAX sometime! Unfortunately, I don’t seem to know anyone that is also interested in going to one, and I’m not particularly interested in going solo because friendless introvert.

      I was doubling down on Animal Crossing leading up to Otakon – my house wasn’t fully expanded/finished and I wasn’t about to let all these people see it in such a state!

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