New Arrival: Figma Shimakaze

shimapost01Figma Shimakaze, or as some put it, Figma Rensouhou-chan with bonus boatgirl figure.  From the second coming of Christ Touhou, Kantai Collection ~KanColle~.  A game I haven’t even played because fuck region locks and lotteries just to get in.  I’ll wait for the anime or maybe that Vita game or whatever.

I don’t feel particularly confident about these pictures or this post, but I suppose it’ll be better than the Girl Diablo post which I feel bad about.

shimapost02Fancy picture made with mild sorcery.  Stuck her in front of my Surface with a picture I took of Pearl Harbor when I was in Hawaii (well, it’s relevant…) and used one of Paintshop’s filters that’s supposed to emulate older photography.

shimapost03Full body shot.  Admittedly, I wasn’t entirely sold on Shimakaze’s design when the Figma first went up for pre-order, though like just about everyone else I though the Rensouhou-chans were the best, so I didn’t pre-order her initially.  The design started to grow on me over time, or maybe it was like some kind of Stockholm Syndrome, and I finally decided to put a pre-order down right after GSC closed the web sales and everyone else was sold out.  Luckily, figinstock was there to save me and I managed to grab an opening on Amiami.

I think Shimakaze’s design is pretty eccentric, I think that’s also why I came to like it.  It sort of reminds me of some Queen’s Blade designs.  Like all other KanColles, Shimakaze’s outfit is a mix of clothing and boat parts, similar to stuff like Strike Witches or Fumikane’s other work.  I also like that Shimakaze isn’t wearing very “regular” clothing; rather than a normal naval outfit, it’s just some thing based on one.  I’m pretty sure that skirt and thong aren’t regulation.  I’m not sure if I’ll get other KanColles, though.  I think Akagi and Kaga look boring compared to Shimakaze and I don’t really like the way the other various aircraft carrier girls look.  I might be more tempted on the battleship girls, though, since a girl with all those cannons stuck to her is ridiculous and neat.  Hopefully they’ll do Musashi or Kongou…

This is also my first “2.0” Figma, so I finally get the experience the changes they made to the Figma formula.

shimapost04Back shot.  By default, Shimakaze has a torpedo tube rack thing equipped as her main boat part.  You can also see her rudder shoes.  The torpedo tube block has a hole for the Figma stand.

shimapost05Of course, the tubes can come off, too.

shimapost06Shimakaze’s hair is basically the same as many other Figmas with a similar split setup with a joint for each side.  She can also look up a bit.

shimapost07She’s rather flexible around her torso, although this is a bad example shot.  I think this is one of the main benefits the 2.0 body was supposed to bring.  Shimakaze gets extra flexibility out of having very little clothing volume in excess of what would be her normal bodyline.

shimapost08This is important.  Shimakaze’s ass is apparently a marvel of modern engineering and it seems Max Factory spared no effort recreating it in Figma form.  She gets great range on the hips between the nearly non-existent skirt and 2.0 stylings.

shimapost09The other major 2.0 change is to a new wrist type, in a similar style to the way Figuarts have done their hands.  So now there’s a kind of ball joint setup instead of just hinged pegs.  Increased flexibility at the cost of not looking quite as good, or “tumor wrists” as some have taken to calling them.

shimapost10Moving on to I don’t know, the torpedo rack is actually on a Figma shoulder joint, allowing it to rotate and tilt some.

shimapost11The joint.  The clamp bit that fits on Shimakaze’s back can also be separated from the joint, so you can leave it in place on her back.

shimapost12Of course, Shimakaze’s most prominent accessory is her compliment of Rensouhou-chans.  Each comes with its own stand, though they are all more or less capable of standing up without them.  Only the largest one has any significant articulation, though.

shimapost13The flippers on the big Rensouhou-chan use hinged pegs, the guns can move up and down independently, and the head actually uses another shoulder joint for maximum range.  The two smaller Rensouhou-chans, however, only have rotating heads and no other articulation.

shimapost14Shimakaze also comes with a little bit that I’m scared I will lose since it’s tiny and clear that lets you peg a Rensouhou to the top of the torpedo rack.

shimapost15And then there are hands.  With a slightly redesigned hand thing!  Amazingly, none of the hands seem to be recycled standard Figma hand sculpts, but I don’t know if that’s because Shimakaze has smaller hands or they just redesigned all the hands from scratch for 2.0.  Besides the default fists (on Shimakaze), there are, from the top, splayed hands, “saluting” hands, pointing hands, and holding-things hands.  Curiously, the fists seem to have a bit of a locking mechanism to them, while none of the other hands seem to.

shimapost16Fists again.  My left fist seems to have some sort of random imperfection.  Also meant to show the default face, whatever that expression can be called.  Should also point out Shimakaze’s goofy anchor hair ornament thing, though it looks a bit muddy.

shimapost17Pointing hands, and the second expression.  Shimakaze’s faces are all pretty great, and none of them are a default generic smile!

shimapost18Splayed hands and the embarrassed-ish face.  Admiral please stop staring at my thong.

shimapost19The holding-things hands are pretty effective.  This will bode well for the upcoming Saber 2.0.

shimapost20Annoyingly, Max Factory put Shimakaze in their larger box, even though she doesn’t really warrant it.  A lot of other KanColles will likely need the larger box, though, so I guess they wanted to be consistent, like with the Touhou Figma boxes.

shimapost21Tried to make a more dynamic comparison shot.  Almost as soon as I was done taking the picture, Raiden fell over and took everyone with him.  God damn it, Raiden.

Now for random pictures.

shimapost22Picture used to make the header.  Was pretty easy to get her in this pose, too!

shimapost23Unfiltered version of the fancy picture.

shimapost24Same thing, but with a different filter and the photo was taken slightly differently.

shimapost25And yet again, but with a different picture for the background and another different filter.

shimapost26I’M ON A BOAT

shimapost27With its head on a Figma joint of some sort, the big Rensouhou is good for headswaps.

shimapost28Don’t have to rely on the joint fitting, though.

shimapost29Almost got a Picture of the Day on MyFigureCollection!

shimapost30Oh baby baby

Shimakaze and her Rensouhous are pretty nice.  Have to try and get some pictures of her with a World War 2 boat sometime…

2 thoughts on “New Arrival: Figma Shimakaze

  1. I’m glad you share the same opinion on all the things one need to do to go about playing Kancolle. I keep thinking that this is the type of time waster I would love to play on my phone whenever I got the chance.

    I’m still not 100% percent in love with Shimakaze like some people but I got to say ever since I ordered her she has been growing on me. In the end though I did still bought her for that nice butt of her, marvel of modern engineering indeed.

    I look forward to play with mine, while I got Miku 2.0 she is still sealed since I moved shortly after receiving her and never bothered to dig out all the figmas I brought with me so Shimakaze will be my first foray into the 2.0 figma line.

    I still really like that picture of Shimakaze in the lego boat.

    • The KanColle browser game actually sounds sort of interesting, seems like it’s at least some sort of upgrade over the typical generic phone card game like Rage of Bahamut.

      You’ll probably like her more once you start messing around with her! Her design seems more likable in person than it did in pictures. Maybe because the colors are a bit softer in reality.

      Miku 2.0’s been out for like half a year now or something, dig her out!

      A lot of people seemed to like that pic, it did well on MFC. Seems like a good time to do Shimakaze pics.

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