New Arrival: NECA Diablo 3 Diablo

girldpost01NECA’s Diablo 3 version of Diablo.  Or as I prefer, Girl Diablo.  Purchased from Bigbadtoystore since I think they had pre-orders open before anyone else, but you can also get it from Blizzard directly.

Apparently a repaint version has already been announced for release in a few months, but I’m not sure how much I’d want it.

girldpost02Got to have something that’s all red because Lord of Hell and stuff!

Kinda had mixed feelings waiting for this one.  I was looking forward to having a new version of Diablo that had more articulation and looks kind of crazy, but NECA isn’t exactly Max Factory or Bandai or Kaiyodo or

girldpost03Front view.  Diablo is pretty tall, although part of that is the giant spike things on the back.  Which also means bad pictures, yay.

girldpost04Back view.  The back is almost entirely black, so there really isn’t much to look at.

girldpost05The paint and sculpt detail are pretty good, though the paint job is significantly different from what it looked like in the promotional pictures.  Most of the figure, except for the tail, is made of the same kind of fairly hard and probably durable plastic that is common in NECA products.

girldpost06The tail, meanwhile, is pretty soft and kind of rubbery.  It’s got wire or something in it to make it flexible/semi-poseable, though like most cases of this type of construction the tail can only bend so much and has a tendency to not quite stay in a shape you put it in.  For some reason, NECA made sure to point out that the tail is about 12″ inches long, as though it were extremely important.

girldpost07The tail has to be attached to Diablo out of the packaging, and sort of goes into place in the lower hole on Diablo’s butt.  That upper hole on the back is where a piece of some back spikes is actually supposed to be, but my Diablo was apparently missing that piece, so I’m actually in the process of exchanging this Diablo for a new one that is hopefully not missing anything.

girldpost08On to articulation…it’s noted on the packaging that Diablo has over 25 points of articulation, but honestly that doesn’t mean that much.  I don’t know why there’s such an obsession with putting so much emphasis on the joint count with western figures like this.  Maybe it’s how you know it’s not a “kid’s” toy?  Since it’s NECA, most of the joints are cheap and not that great.  They seem to place priority on preserving the sculpt as much as possible rather than maximizing articulation quality.  I really wish NECA would adopt a good joint system of some sort like what Figma or Revoltech have.

The torso and neck are both on ball joints, and are some of the more useful joints, though the movement of the neck is a bit limited.

girldpost09girldpost10Diablo can open and close his (her?) mouth, which is a nice feature.  Though the mouth on this one seems to be slightly misaligned when closed.

girldpost11The weird shoulder things are on joints and can be moved around.  I’m not sure what they’re supposed to be, though, they look kind of like demonic fish, and since they have mouths I guess Diablo can talk to them.

girldpost12The two largest/outer back spike things are on a combination hinge-swivel joint, which are what most of the other joints also are.  They can move around quite a bit for no particular reason.  They seem kind of odd, anyways, wonder if Blizzard was trying to make Girl Diablo look more like the way Kerrigan does in Starcraft with all her random spikes and whatnot.  None of the other back spikes have any articulation.

girldpost13Arms, of which Girl Diablo has four of for some reason.  The shoulder, elbow, and wrist joints are all the same style of hinge-swivel combo, though the sculpt leaves the elbows pretty badly limited.  The smaller arm has shoulder and elbow joints like the larger arm, but no wrist.

girldpost14Max contraction I guess.  The larger arms are actually kind of hard to work with because of the limitations and another problem.

girldpost16That problem being that the large arms aren’t symmetrical.  For some reason, one is sculpted so that the elbow is on one axis and the other arm has the elbow on a different axis.  This seems to be a thing NECA does pretty often, and it doesn’t make any sense.

girldpost15One of the wrists on this Diablo was a bum mold.  Hopefully the replacement will also fix that.

girldpost17Might have noticed that the smaller arms were missing in that elbow picture.  I took them off to see how Diablo would look without them.

girldpost18I think the hips are on ball joints, but they’re limited by the way the sculpt is – actually sort of the same problem that Tychus has where thigh protrusions get in the way.  The rest of the leg joints – knee, ankle, and…second ankle, are more of the hinge-swivels.  They have some ratcheting to them to improve stability a bit, but generally Diablo’s tail is going to be your third leg.  Since the lower ankles aren’t rockers, it can get a bit awkward if you want a pose other than “standing straight”.

girldpost19Another leg picture.  I forgot why I took two of them.

girldpost20At least you can do some lewd stuff with those hips.  Also note the peg hole on the left foot, that’s for the stand.

girldpost21Which is just this plain black disc.  There’s only one peg, for the hole on the left foot.  A bit amazing that Diablo even comes with a stand, but with the tail he sort of doesn’t need it.

girldpost22With my old Diablo 2 Diablo, which I’ve had for 13 or 14 years now.  Still my favorite toy, despite only having six (originally seven) points of articulation.

girldpost23Comparison with a Figuarts and a Nendoroid.  Kind of large!

No package shot.  It’s just NECA’s typical plastic blister that has to be cut apart to get the figure out.

girldpost24Another picture with the red Lightning Base.  Used for the header.

girldpost25Trying to be all experimental and/or artistic.

girldpost26 girldpost27 girldpost28 girldpost29Did some outdoor photos since Diablo 3 is a bright and colorful game.

girldpost30 girldpost31 girldpost32My cat did not want to cooperate with my attempts to photograph him with the Prime Evil.

girldpost33“AM I KAWAII, NEPHALEM?  UGUU~”

I still feel a bit mixed about Girl Diablo.  It certainly does look pretty nice, but I would have liked more robust articulation, but I guess that’s an issue with the western market and target audience.  I think I’ll be able to get what I want out of it, though, so I’ll probably warm up to it a bit more once I get my replacement.

6 thoughts on “New Arrival: NECA Diablo 3 Diablo

  1. Holy cow, that header picture with the red lighting looks super cool. I think I will add to my list of things to ste… get inspired by for some future use.

    I think I NECA should stop with the human characters and just do stuff like this, their monsters and what not look great like this Diablo but their human figures oh boy. I suppose that is more a side effect of being modeled after real people I guess. Shame about their articulation and joints though, everytime I move a joint it makes think it will break. I suppose I should cut NECA some slack since their stuff is priced appropriately mostly from what I see on Amazon.

    • That must mean it’s actually kind of good?!

      The only human figure I’ve gotten from NECA is Duke Nukem, and…yeah. Weird face, and the arm articulation isn’t that great and the accessories weren’t enough. But otherwise the figure isn’t that bad. Maybe NECA should just go ahead and bump the price up a bit anyways to make better joints. Most places seem to sell them at inflated prices already, anyways.

  2. It’s a shame about the articulation, I haven’t gotten a Western figure for years because it bugs me so much. Diablo does look nice, kinda reminds me of Alien Queen with the spikes and 4 arms kinda deal. And man, your Diablo 2 Diablo is in pretty good condition for being so old!

    • It’s rather annoying since NECA does a lot of licenses that no one else does, but I guess they want to be able to be on the shelves of Toys R Us, or whatever.

      Probably helps that the old Diablo is pretty simple and has large joints, though the tail joint on mine broke too much after a few falls so I eventually glued it in place.

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