New Arrival: SHFiguarts Cure Heart

heartpost01Figuarts Cure Heart, from the cartoon series made for little girls, DokiDoki! Precure, and my first Figuarts in quite a while.  Purchased from Amiami since for some reason HLJ wasn’t even bothering to offer any sort of discount.  Although speaking of Amiami, apparently they’re pulling some scummy tactics by basing their “discounts” on prices that include Japan’s domestic sales tax, which HLJ and Hobby Search don’t charge.

heartpost02Fancy picture.

I had kind of been wanting a Precure Figuarts for quite some time, since they’re sort of exemplary magical girls through and through, without the technology angle of Nanoha or the drama of Madoka, and also because I like Precure.  It took a while, though; besides hearing that the Precure Figuarts tended to suffer in quality compared to Kamen Rider or Sentai Figuarts, I wasn’t too impressed with the Heartcatch Precure Figuarts (though I would have bought, and still want, a Figuarts of Infinite Silhouette…there’s still hope!), Bandai skipped right over Suite Precure, and I didn’t like Smile Precure as much as the others (I haven’t watched through any Precures before Heartcatch, so those ones are out, too).

Once they announced Cure Heart, things worked out for me, though, since I enjoyed Dokidoki Precure and I rather like Cure Heart’s design.  The hard part will be trying to decide if I want any of the other Dokidoki Precures, since they’re all part of Heart’s harem but they’re going to be harder/more expensive to get, with Cure Diamond already being a webshop exclusive.  Now that they’re going back and doing Suite Precure Figuarts, I might also pick up Cure Beat if they actually do her.

heartpost03Full shot.  I think one of the things I like best about Heart’s design is that her hair is actually a completely different color than her theme color, even though her hair is pink anyways in non-Precure mode.  Almost every other Precure has a hair color matching their theme color, so this is a bit refreshing.

heartpost04Back view.  That giant ponytail thing Heart has is actually quite light so it’s possible to have Heart standing without the aid of a stand pretty easily.

heartpost05Most of the details on Heart are pretty well done with a good paint job.  Visually, it’s pretty much on par with Figmas.  Both the skirt and Heart’s shawl thing or shoulder pads or whatever they are are made of flexible plastic, and the skirt is also floating and not physically attached to Heart’s body.

heartpost06More detail, the transformation item/fairy partner thing the Dokidokis use can be seen and looks nice.  It doesn’t come off or move.

heartpost07But there are some problems, like paint transfer.  I noticed this on the first day I had the figure, so there’s probably not much that can be done to prevent it.

heartpost08There’s also a bit of bad build quality with the ponytail, with a bad seam line right down the middle.  I think the ponytail is hollow, which might explain it.  I’m also concerned about the way most of the figure’s joints feel, noticeably looser than what you’d have with a Figma (or a Kamen Rider Figuarts, actually).  Hopefully it will all hold up well over time, and at least nothing’s broken yet like some joints did on the Haruhi Ver.KA figure I had that Bandai made.

heartpost09The ponytail is on a joint and can move around pretty well.  The center two strands of hair in the back are also on a ball joint.

heartpost10You can get kind of crazy.

heartpost11I was initially worried that the skirt might block articulation, but those fears were unfounded, and the skirt being soft plastic also helps.  She can sit!

heartpost12And do this, I guess.

heartpost13On the subject of leg articulation, butt.  With spats!  Which I guess all Precures have now for modesty or something.

heartpost14The head comes off easy to facilitate face swapping.  Much like a Figma, but easier to pull off.

heartpost15Head disassembles like so.  Interesting that the face uses three pegs to stick in place, makes it harder to get out and I have the feeling the other Cures will have different arrangements to prevent face swapping between them.

heartpost16Moving on to accessories.  Heart comes with a modified Tamashii Stage in a heart shape, which I think is standard for Precure Figuarts.  Heart doesn’t have any peg holes or anything on her, so using the clamp with the stand is a necessity.

heartpost17It has some text and design on it.

heartpost18Besides the default set of splayed hands, Heart also comes with the following:

1. Hands for Heart’s bows, which can also be roughly used as holding-things hands

2. A pair of flat hands

3. A pair of fists

4. A pair of hands for using the Magical Pad

5. A double hand making a heart shape

As can be seen there are also four hand holding doodads, which can be plugged into each other if you feel like it.

Cure heart comes with a total of four faces: smiling, happy/talking, angry/battle, and a wink.

heartpost19The happy/talking face and the heart hands, which is done as part of her self-intro.

heartpost20The winking face.  Normally it’d be for one of the bow attacks.

heartpost21The angry face and the fists for punching.

heartpost22The flat hands.  I think they’re mainly for ending dance poses and whatnot.

heartpost23Magical Pad hands and holding the Magical Pad.  It’s actually the final weapon upgrade the Precures get in Dokidoki.  Since their transformation items are smartphones, I guess it makes some sense to have an iPad for a weapon.  Somehow.

heartpost24Better view of the Pad.  It’ll actually make a decent tablet accessory for figures!  The Pad slots into the left hand, so the entire pad is there without any bits missing, although it is a mite loose in the hand.

heartpost25Using the bow hands to hold the bow.  The bows the Precures have in Dokidoki look like goofy toys because they needed to be able to sell toys of the bows to kids, like pretty much anything else the Cures use.

heartpost26Another view on the bow.  The bows don’t even have strings in the show.  They didn’t actually need to be bows.  They could have been anything.  But I guess bows probably because Madoka.

heartpost27Heart also comes with a second bow with larger…bow blades?  For some reason.  I think because the smaller bow is when Cure Heart is attacking with it alone, while the larger one is for the combined archery attack the four main Cures can do together, but I don’t remember noticing any difference when I was watching.  The body of the bows are both the same size, though.

heartpost28The hands connect using the Figuarts method, which means snapping them on a joint.  I think this is what Figma is moving to with 2.0 Figmas, but I won’t have one until Shimakaze to find out.  I sort of like the way Figma used to do hands (Figma 1.5??) better.  The ends of  Heart’s sleeves are separate pieces that slip over the ball section of the joint, and each is marked on the inside which side it goes on.

heartpost29Cure Heart also comes with her fairy partner, Sharu/Sharuru/Cheryl/Charles/whatever.  Sharuru has a ball-jointed neck and can barely stand on her own.  There’s no peg holes or anything on her, so f you want to have her floating or something, you’ll have to improvise.

heartpost30Finally, Heart comes with an alternate neck joint that’s in a fixed position for some reason.  I didn’t use it for any of these pictures.

heartpost31Box.  It’s thicker than typical Figuarts boxes to accommodate Heart’s hair.

heartpost32And unfortunately, it seems like the eyes on the smiling and happy faces are closer together than they’re supposed to be.  They’re fine on the angry and winking faces, though.

heartpost33Comparison with a Figma and Nendoroid.  Heart was slightly smaller than I was expecting, though I guess they’re still supposed to be sort of scaled with Kamen Riders and such, who would be taller.

heartpost34With currently my only other Precure figure, the Half-Age Character version of Cure Moonlight from Heartcatch Precure.

heartpost35With my other Dokidoki merch, because.  I bought the two OP/ED CD’s because I really fucking like both of Dokidoki’s ending themes, and I bought the transformation item toy because I am insane.

heartpost36Test version of the fancy picture, used it for the header.

heartpost37Making use of those bow hands to hold other things.

heartpost38“I’m going to restore your heart-pounding excitement!”

heartpost39 heartpost40 heartpost41 heartpost42Random attempts at some outdoor pictures.

heartpost42xThe peg is much smaller than the Figma pegs and will fall right out, but it works enough for this and that is all I could ask of it.

heartpost43Watch where you swing that thing

I think I feel mostly okay with Cure Heart.  Looks nice, but joints give me some concern.  So I’m not sure if I want to get other Dokidokis, even though I want Heart to have at least her first wife and I also like the designs of Cure Sword and Cure Ace.  Probably be monitoring prices on Mandarake for a while after they release.

7 thoughts on “New Arrival: SHFiguarts Cure Heart

  1. Oh god, tell me about it, sometimes I feel Bandai just doesn’t care about the Precure figuarts.

    I think you did the right thing by skipping on the Heartcatch figuarts. Since their designs are very slim this resulted in the figuarts being very flimsy. With that said I did end up getting all the girls and their Super Silhouette forms and would have bought the Infinity Silhouette.

    Cure Heart though, she is a bit more sturdy, her hair is way lighter and not a mass of hard heavy PVC. I wonder why Bandai barely thought to do this, at least this solves one of the biggest problems the Heartcatch and Smile girls had.

    Your concern with the joints are well founded, from what I seen with mine, Cure Heart is probably one of the better more sturdy figuarts. Kind of remind me of the original Cure Black and White figuarts I have. I did have some problems specially with the elbow and wrist joints with my Heartcatch girls.

    Well then sir HamsterCorp, you need to catch on a lot of Precure. At the very least I recommend Splash Star or the original show.

    • I wonder if they put less effort into the Precure Figuarts (at least historically) since they probably don’t sell as much as the Kamen Riders. Makes one appreciate how Figma works a bit more, though.

      Would have thought they would figure out lighter hair earlier on since so many Precures have extreme masses of hair. Still, wonder how Cure Ace will turn out in that regard, if they get to her.

      I think I’m only missing like four seasons? I actually tried watching the original Precure waaaay back when it first aired, but…I was not yet ready to accept magical girls into my life.

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