Old New Arrival: SHFiguarts Ride Vendor & Medal Set

ridepost01This is kind of random, and for something a bit old now and rather simple, so it’ll be a short post.  But I felt like doing it, anyways, should aspire to always do posts because reasons.

ridepost02Woah there.

The SHFiguarts Ride Vendor (and Medal Set), acquired from Mandarake since it originally came out several years ago and was also a Tamashii Web exclusive.  I have to admit, the main reason I grabbed this is because I wanted a 1/12-scale vending machine for my figures, and this was the only option I knew of after checking around for other actual 1/12 vending machines and finding none.  The Ride Vendor comes from the Kamen Rider OOO show, which I never finished watching through and probably should some day.

ridepost03Front view of the Ride Vendor.  In the show, the Ride Vendor can transform into a motorcycle for Kamen Rider OOO, which is why it looks kind of funny for a vending machine.  This prop, however, can not transform or anything like that.

ridepost04Back view.  Pretty plain.

ridepost05Being a Figuarts, it’s a pretty detailed item.  The Ride Vendor doesn’t have any moving parts, though, so no opening drink dispensers or whatever.

ridepost06Since it’s “Ride Vendor & Medal Set“, the package also comes with three sprues worth of the Cell Medals used in the series as a weird currency (including for buying items from/transforming the Ride Vendor) and two sets of Figuarts hands, from the looks of it for the TaToBa and GataKiriBa versions of OOO.  The hands are made to hold the coins.

ridepost07And…at the moment I don’t actually own any real Figuarts figures.  I have one on the way, but it’s a Precure instead of a Kamen Rider.  Though there is a Karate Bugmen I will buy when it releases.  I do still have the Figuarts Ankh, which the hands from the Ride Vendor set manage to roughly fit on.

ridepost08Box for the set.

ridepost09Size comparison.  I think I had forgotten that it’s decently sized.

So…I guess that’s pretty much all there is to it.  Pretty much what I wanted from it!  Too bad about those Mandarake fees and mandatory R-SAL, though.

ridepost10Used to make the header.

ridepost11The Sisters must be picking up some of Misaka’s bad habits.

ridepost12 Let's  ride

2 thoughts on “Old New Arrival: SHFiguarts Ride Vendor & Medal Set

  1. So that’s why it has wheels! Still doesn’t make it any less weird that it can transform though. I always wanted several things in 1/12th, vending machines are definitely one of them. For now I have to settle with go ol’ rather abstract one I made a long time ago.

    • I thought about just doing some papercraft, but decided I wanted to have something with actual detail and in three dimensions, and this’ll also last longer. Might as well make the investment!

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