New Arrival: Figma Futayo Honda

futayopost01Hey a new Figma wow.

Figma Futayo Honda, from the series Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere.  Purchased from Amiami since I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to cancel her pre-order.  As usual, I don’t really know what I’m doing.

futayopost02Attempt at a fancy picture.  Just toying with a couple of light sources, mainly.

futayopost03Frontal view.  Futayo came out really well and I’m happy with her.

futayopost04Backish view.  The stand pegs in to the upper torso, would have liked it better if it pegged in lower like it did on Nanoha, so Futayo would be a bit easier to pose.

futayopost05Like many of Horizon’s girls, Futayo has huge boobs that are one of her more prominent features.  The two strands of hair that come down the front/sides are made of the typical soft Figma plastic, so they move easily.

futayopost06Both the torso and neck joints have pretty decent movement ranges on them.  Though obviously the neck is assisted by Futayo’s hairstyle not getting in the way like it does on nearly every Figma.

futayopost07The top pair of Futayo’s hair antennae are on pegs that allow them to be moved around.  They have to be put in out of the box, and I had some trouble getting one of them to actually go in.  They seem to be pretty easy to keep pegged in, though, despite moving them back and forth quite a bit.  The lower sets of hair decs are static, but seem to be made of something slightly more flexible than typical Figma plastic, they have a slight amount of give so they’re not so easy to accidentally snap off.

futayopost08Her ponytail is on a single Figma joint and moves around easily.

futayopost09Moving down, the two sides of her skirt thing are each on a Figma joint.  They can be moved back pretty freely, but the way they skirt is designed keeps the joints from being rotated in place more than barely.

futayopost10A view of the construction.  Also, the center piece of the skirt is static and unmoving.

futayopost11Which is a bit of a shame, as it makes it hard to see what is probably a pretty glorious ass.

futayopost12The thunder thighs that seems to be another Horizon trademark are well-preserved, though.  The hip joints are ultimately limited by the rest of the design, but they move very well and I think these are probably the best hips of any Figma I have.

futayopost13Moving on to accessories, besides the default expressionless face, Futayo comes with a battle face and an “embarrassed” face.

futayopost14Futayo’s main accessory, of course, is her spear, the Slicing Dragonfly (or Tonbokiri).  It comes apart in various ways, and since the top section is much thicker than typical Figma accessories, Futayo comes with hands just for holding that section.

futayopost15There are also parts to have Slicing Dragonfly fully extended, as well.  Or as a Google Translation of the Figma blog put it, Length. Though the middle extension piece is slightly thicker than the bottom piece, normal holding-things hands can still be used for it.

futayopost16There is also an effect part to put on the end of the spear for the special “bind” attack it does.  Putting it on requires taking the tip of the spear off.

futayopost17Spear disassembly and parts.  The two different bottom/end pieces have unique pegs so they can only go in one place – the shorter one only connects to the top section of the spear, and the slightly longer one only connects to the middle extension piece.  All of the pegs are also shaped to be one-way instead of just being round, so the spear’s parts are always correctly aligned.

futayopost18Futayo also comes with the sword she uses a couple times or so before she gets Slicing Dragonfly.  She has a single left hand designed to hold the scabbard.

futayopost19The sword comes out of the scabbard, of course.

futayopost20There is also a second front hair fringe piece, exactly the same as the normal one except for a tab to stick a bit representing one of her techno-sorcery spells.  And I forgot to put her hair thing up in battle mode for this picture.

futayopost21There’s also a similar thing with an alternate shinguard piece that can be used to hold a bit for Futayo’s acceleration spell.  The shinguard can go on either leg.

futayopost22In an unadvertised addition, there’s three of those acceleration panels, as well as little stand things to stick them on, which I think is from Futayo chaining them together from her feet if I remember right.

futayopost23All the hands.  I just labelled them so I can do it like this:

1. A pair of typical Figma fists.

2. Two right hands for holding the top (thickest) section of Slicing Dragonfly.  One’s more angled than the other.

3. A pair of typical Figma holding-things hands.

4. The single left hand for holding the scabbard.

5. Another pair of holding-things hands, but at a greater angle.

6. A pair of typical Figma splayed hands.

futayopost24The box.  This is my first Figma with the new box design.  I liked the old designs better.  But given the way the new box feels (less glossy/more cardboardy) and looks (seems to be less vibrant), it’s probably cheaper to print them this way.

futayopost25Comparison.  Futayo’s actually a bit smaller than I was expecting, but it’s not really an issue.

futayopost26And alongside my only other Horizon figure, the Variable Action Jizuri Suzaku.  They aren’t in scale with each other, naturally.

futayopost27I also got Wave’s 1/12 Persona 4…Arena kit with the order.  It’s basically the same as the other Wave arcade kits, not as good of a kit as what Bandai makes, and not quite as good of a 1/12 arcade as Konami’s Desktop Arcade Collection, but it’s pretty decent.  Futayo can’t really sit on things, unfortunately, because of that center section of her skirt.

I’m pretty happy with Futayo.  She came out really well!  And luckily she’s one of the Horizon characters I really like.  It’d be nice if there were more Figmas to go with her, but I’m not going to hold out hope.

And besides I’d want Masazumi next to go with Futayo but they’d probably do Asama or something.

Now for random miscellaneous pictures.

futayopost28Used to make the header.

futayopost29futayopost30Other attempts at the fancy picture.

futayopost31A random shot to test out some ISO settings.

futayopost32I think I meant this shot to highlight the abdomen sculpt but the lighting wrong for it.

futayopost33Another pic of the arcade cabinet.  Strarf can actually sit at it!

futayopost34Futayo that is not what that is for

futayopost35Damn it Futayo


8 thoughts on “New Arrival: Figma Futayo Honda

  1. I know nothing about Horizon other than it exaggerates the size of somethings somewhat, this figma I suppose fits that very well. Just look at the size of that thing, here I thought Kyouko had a long one.

    On another note, I’m not sure I like the new figma boxes, I don’t mind the new feel or colors but that black bar really bugs me.

    • Futayo’s spear brings all the boys to the yard

      I wonder if they were trying to go for a more “professional” look, but it’s so drab now. The Nendoroid box redesign was a lot better.

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