New Arrival: Variable Action Jizuri Suzaku

jizuripost01After not doing any posts for Revoltech Raiden or Nendoroid Saber Extra, it seemed like it’d be a good idea to do at least some kind of post for this figure, since as far as I can tell no one else on the Internet has.  So maybe it’ll actually be a bit useful.

Megahouse’s Variable Action Jizuri Suzaku from the anime Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere.  Purchased from Amiami, where it is still on sale for a ridiculous 68% off.  This is my first experience with the Variable Action line, so not only did I not really know what I’d be getting into, I was also a bit concerned about why it had such a deep discount to begin with, though it seems it might have been more a low popularity thing like with the Robot Damashii Vox Aura.

jizuripost02Attempt at a fancy picture.

You might ask yourself, “Why does that mech have huge tits?”  The answer is who knows, it’s Horizon.  It’s like asking why the Zone of the Enders mechs have penises, who knows, it’s Hideo Kojima.

jizuripost03Front view.  Jizuri actually looks pretty good, which is a relief considering that discount.  There aren’t any obvious issues with things like bad paint jobs and whatnot, though I have had a few specs of paint flake off while handling the figure.  Jizuri makes heavy use of metallic paints, so much of the figure is pretty shiny.

The overall design of the mech is pretty interesting, too.  It largely follows the same patterns of the outfits worn by many of the show’s female characters.

jizuripost04Rear view, and a good look at the stand, which works rather well holding up Jizuri.  You can see a few white specs on the hair where a few bits of paint have disappeared.

jizuripost05Some front close-up.

jizuripost06Close-up of the backside, with the hair removed.  The hair can be removed since there’s two different versions of it.  The peg hole for the stand is on the butt, though kind of curiously the hole itself is square while the peg is round.  It’s kind of hard to get into place and secure.

jizuripost07Some articulation.  The neck has some basic back-and-forth, but no side-to-side.  The neck is also limited by the hair, partially because the stand blocks it.  Chest and waist joints offer some movement, but not too much.

jizuripost08Full lean-back.  Both the waist and chest are ball joints, so they do have a bit of decent range despite the physical limitations caused by the design.

jizuripost09Arms are fairly well articulated, even with those pauldrons getting in the way.  Complex-ish shoulders, bicep swivels, elbows, and double-jointed wrists are all there.  The setup is pretty similar to typical Robot Damashii stuff, if you’re familiar with those.

jizuripost10Can do stuff like this.  The joints seem to be in pretty good shape, though a few on mine are a bit stubborn.  The pauldrons are also capable of lifting upward slightly, presumably to assist articulation.

jizuripost11Parts of the pauldrons can also come off, but I’m not sure it’s supposed to as the other side doesn’t move or anything.  A quick fix with a bit of glue, if I ever feel like it.

jizuripost12Each side of Jizuri’s skirt is made up of three sections, each with its own joint at the top where it connects to the waist.  They have a fair amount of movement, though it is pretty fiddly trying to get them all into whatever pose.

jizuripost13Another view of the skirt.

jizuripost14Hips are double-jointed – the joint can move up and down a bit to extend range, there’s a thigh swivel, and knees are a double joint.  Jizuri is capable of standing up on her own without the stand, but the stand makes it much more practical.

jizuripost15Ankles are actually on a ball joint, with additional joints for the heel and toe section.

jizuripost16Some accessories!  Jizuri has four pairs of hands, with the default being the fists.  Next are these open/relaxed hands.

jizuripost17Next is some kinda splayed/palm hands.  The socket for the wrist joint is actually on the back of the hand rather than at the wrist for these, allowing Repulsor Blast poses.

jizuripost18The socket in question.

jizuripost19Finally a pair of hands for holding Jizuri’s giant wrenches.  And the giant wrenches.  Luckily, the wrenches are pretty light, so Jizuri doesn’t have any issue holding them up.  Not yet, at least.

jizuripost20The hands for the wrenches might be able to be used to hold other things, but getting the hands onto the handles was such a painful process that I don’t think I’m ever going to bother trying to take them back off.  The problem is getting the hand past the angle in the handle, which takes a lot work, though once it’s on, it’s not really going anywhere.  The wrenches hold in place on their handles well, and both wrenches are also exactly the same so you don’t have to worry about there being a left or right or proper orientation.

jizuripost21The wrenches can even close!  Although it works by simply sliding the lower grip around rather than actual wrench mechanics.

jizuripost22Final accessory is the alternate hairpiece, which is in some action sculpt.  It’s heavier than the default hair, though, so it pretty much always pulls the neck back as far as it’ll go.  It also seems like it might have some issues staying in place, since the peg doesn’t go that deep.

jizuripost23Alternate view.

jizuripost24It’s hard to show, but the bottom joint of the stand has a ratcheting mechanism of some sort.  There’s also ratcheting on the top-most joint of the stand.

jizuripost25Box shot.  Pretty typical and large.

jizuripost26Simple size comparison with my Robot Damashii Banshee Norn and Nendoroid Saber Extra.  Jizuri is a fairly large figure, which I assume partially accounts for the high original price.

Overall, Jizuri Suzaku isn’t a bad figure.  She can be rather fiddly, and maybe not quite up to the same level of crazy articulation as some other action figure lines, but she ain’t bad.  I think my main concern right now is durability, as it does kind of give the impression that it’s not going to hold up to constant reposing like smaller figures might.  On the other hand, I probably put more pressure on it trying to do various things with it, and have managed to not break anything yet, so maybe it’s more durable than I would think.  I don’t think I’d pay the original price for it, though, but at the sale price it feels worth it.  It does at least look nice.  Now if only there were more Horizon figures out there.

Time for random pictures!

jizuripost27Jizuri can’t give herself a breast exam, unfortunately.


jizuripost29Picture used to make the header.

jizuripost30 jizuripost31Alternates of the fancy picture with different lighting setups.

jizuripost32 jizuripost33Took a random shot of Jizuri with Raiden, and then I tried to make “better” version, but I’m pretty sure I failed.

jizuripost34Had to do something like this.  Though I don’t have many exposed nuts or bolts around.

10 thoughts on “New Arrival: Variable Action Jizuri Suzaku

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  2. A very lovely review :) Admittedly, I am unfamiliar with the character, but it doesn’t keep me from appreciating a well done analysis of the figure XD

    • Thanks. I know some other figure people that like to talk about the character much more than I tend to when doing stuff like this, and maybe that’s better for people that are unfamiliar with the source, but I kinda like focusing on the figure rather than what the figure represents, usually. And there’s plenty of people that enjoy figures they have without knowing anything about the original source!

    • The Horizon series is filled with all sorts of goofy weapons. One character is a manga/doujin artists and casts magic using her pen, some people fight by writing fanfiction, there’s an army of baseball players…Horizon is fun.

      Being so big feels a bit odd, though; Jizuri isn’t that big in-show, so she’ll tower over my Gundams that are actually bigger than her!

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