8 thoughts on “Polymer Chaos #215: Traditional

  1. Nanael is on her third year at the top of the tree? This year she appears to be tied on it upside down, she might find that more comfortable than the previous years.

  2. I see… so I just need a box and to run around saying “ring ring ring” … no actual bell required… or maybe that’s why she hasn’t gotten any offerings yet?

  3. That’s one spiffy Iron Patriot you got there, I’m still waiting for Kaiyodo to do a Revoltech. They did like a million Iron Mans, surely they can do a second Warmachine right?

    By the way, seeing as Nanael is still in the tree, does she get put away with the tree and other ornaments after Christmas is over?

    • Sadly, it’s just an ornament and doesn’t have any articulation or anything.

      It’d be kind of silly to just leave her stuck there and not be able to do anything else with her,

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