Polymer Chaos #213: You Don’t Know Jack

pc_213_youdontknowjackSince I’m not planning on doing any posts, I’ll just say some things here.

Revoltech Raiden is pretty damn awesome. A little bit better than the earlier Snake, even! And it’s almost like a second coming of Nendoroid Insane Black Rock Shooter for me, fueling so many comic ideas! So many.

I hope they keep going. I kinda want a Blade Wolf to go with Raiden.

4 thoughts on “Polymer Chaos #213: You Don’t Know Jack

  1. OMG! Why did I never see this! Even after the Swapnote you did!

    I guess Raiden and Youmu should hook up since they like cuting things. I wonder if the things Rainden can’t cut are next to none too.

    On a related note, I passed on Raiden because of money issues but I am regretting being responsible. He looks really darn spiffy.

    • They can’t be more than friends! Raiden’s actually married and Youmu belongs to Yuyuko.
      Although, man, I kinda wish Youmu got a Figma instead of just a Nendoroid.

      Well, you got a job again or something, right? Apparently Raiden’s still in stock at Amiami…

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