Polymer Chaos #209: Comments Are Welcome

pc_209_commentsarewelcomeOne of the things I’d really like to be able to do with these comics (and all my OC stuff no one cares about because I can’t write/draw) is to be more reactive/interactive to comments and such, replying with more content instead of just typical comment replies. Of course, the main problem is realizing when I have these kind of opportunities and then acting on it in a timely manner.

Well, an opportunity appeared today so I am trying this out! I guess I’ll probably aim for smaller things like this comic when trying to do this kind of thing. And luckily I’ve learned that fragmenting the comic numbering system is the most terrible idea so I’ll just stick them in just like any other comic, and I don’t think doing one of these would replace the comic I normally try to make every week.

I will be like those cool kids with their Ask Tumblers one day!

4 thoughts on “Polymer Chaos #209: Comments Are Welcome

  1. Giant robot riding a dinosaur while swinging a Shinki in the air running away from a devil. Go, make it happen.

    I too once thought about using comments as inspiration but I figured by the time I would get to it the parties in the know would probably forget and just be nonsense out of context.


      Though that makes it sound more like a request than a simple response!
      And, I wouldn’t want to react to every single comment or whatever, just stuff that stands out and can be condensed into the comic itself without needing to link back to the original comment or whatever.

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