8 thoughts on “Polymer Chaos #205: Needs A Hoodie

  1. I’m forced to use it since I’m changing from one computer to another. Having to do any of these stories with my own computer can be a luxury when I’m outstation…

    • That sounds rough! Maybe you can copy the fonts you like to use onto a thumbdrive or some cloud storage?

      I don’t really care about whether people use it in comics or not, but it is funny to see it get used in stuff like advertising for businesses or other “professional” things.

  2. Oh god, you just reminded me I used to use Comic Sans for eveeeerything back in the day. Heck I even submitted school assignments using it! So bad, I’m so sorry.

    Feel bad for Gollum, I guess his time and place is long gone in the world of Polymer Chaos.

    • School assignments in Comic Sans?! That’s scary. Though, back in high school I did occasionally turn stuff in typed out with the font Starcraft used for menus…it was wide and I liked it!

      Gollum had the misfortune of being the most suitable for the role’s requirements.

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