New Arrival: Niitengo Etna & Flonne

etnaflonnepost01This post will be really small!  Mainly because it is basically just two trading figures.  But I figured I might as well, and it let me make sure my setup still worked right after moving it, since Cat Lap Milk will hopefully soon finally be in my hands.

etnaflonnepost02The “Niitengo” figures of Etna and Flonne made by Toy’s Works, from Disgaea D2.  They’re included as part of the game’s Limited Edition, which I think was only available from NIS America’s webstore and now sold out.

I guess Niitengo is actually a brand for figures, as I wasn’t familiar with the name before and apparently there’s a few hundred of them or so.  The US release of the pack only mentioned them simply being figures without specifying the brand, so I ended up thinking they were going to be a bit bigger than they were.  They’re really only gashapon-level figures and not much more.

etnaflonnepost03(Incorrectly posed) Front view of both figures.  Etna and Flonne are both wearing the slightly updated versions of their outfits that they have in Disgaea D2.  Unlike the upcoming Nendoroids that are using the original game designs, for some reason.

Being what they are, the quality of the figures isn’t anything amazing.  They look okay enough, but for how much the D2 LE cost, I was expecting something a bit more.

etnaflonnepost04Rear views.  Etna’s Prinny pouches are present!  I think I like Etna pegging into her base at the feet instead of using an arm the way Nendoroid Petits do.  The arm makes sense for Flonne, though, since she’s in a floaty pose instead of standing around.

etnaflonnepost05Being so small, articulation is mostly non-existent, though the arms can move some and the heads are attached with ball joints.  Flonne’s waist can also rotate a bit.

etnaflonnepost06A shot of the neck joint, a ball joint on a peg.

etnaflonnepost07A better look at Flonne’s back, normally hidden by the hair.  Her shawl thing is a separate piece, as well.

etnaflonnepost08Box picture (with corrected poses!).  The box is inside the LE box, and except for a localized warning/copyright sticker on one side, appears to be unchanged from the Japanese version.

etnaflonnepost09The other side of the box has some Harada art.

etnaflonnepost10With Takoluka, for size comparison, I guess.  They’re pretty small.

etnaflonnepost11Let’s aim for those fetish page views!


2 thoughts on “New Arrival: Niitengo Etna & Flonne

  1. Got my Disgaea D2 as well, may be someday I will play it. I suppose since it is a direct sequel to the original I can skip Disgaea 2 through 4 and play this one.

    That box was so misleading! I was surprised with how big it was only to find out it was mostly bubble wrap inside… Although I suppose they look ok, if anything a bit smaller than I would have liked.

    • I haven’t played Disgaea 3 or 4 (or Infinite or Prinny 2 or most of Prinny 1) so this seemed like a good one to pick up since it’s back to focusing on the original characters.

      I kinda wish I was paying more attention to what NIS was offering. I was mostly interested in getting the OST and the artbook, only for the artbook to be a complete disappointment and the OST was being included with regular copies of the game, just in a sleeve instead of a normal CD case…

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