New Arrival: FumoFumo Reisen Udongein Inaba

reisenpost01This one won’t be as substantial as other New Arrival posts since it’s just a plush and therefore there isn’t much to it.  But I made it, anyways!

Gift’s FumoFumo Reisen Udongein Inaba from Touhou Project.  You could also probably just call it a “Gift plush”, since the non-Touhou ones are done the same way and I think only Touhou ones get the “FumoFumo” tag.  Purchased from Amiami, where she’s still in stock.reisenpost02Reisen is my favorite 2hu.

There’s a place near where I live where there’s some rampant bamboo clumps growing for some reason, so I tried getting a shot with the most accessible clump.  Sadly, it’s also the worst looking clump as it’s pretty small, while others look more like proper bamboo forests, but they’re not nearly as easy to get to.  I also ended up ramping up the saturation and some lightness for this picture.  But I got my picture of Reisen with some bamboo!

reisenpost03Front view.  Mine seems to occasionally be a bit tricky to get sitting perfectly upright.

reisenpost04Rear view.  Not much!  Strangely, they neglected to give Reisen a tail.

reisenpost05Reisen’s ears have strips of…something…in them that keeps them standing upright, but they’re also bendable so the ears can be bent into various positions.

reisenpost06Nice details on her blazer, including the crescent moon-shaped emblem and some buttons, though they aren’t functional buttons and are just sewn in place.

reisenpost07Those mysterious things on her ears are also present.

reisenpost08Those aren’t bloomers!

reisenpost09Reisen’s only packaging is a plastic bag, but there is this tag with the art.

reisenpost10Along with the rest of my Touhou figure collection, and also providing a bit of a size comparison.

reisenpost11Alongside my only other (at the moment) Gift plush, the Princess from Etrian Odyssey 3.  They’re in the same style, of course, but I’m actually not sure if the same person designed the non-Touhou ones.

reisenpost12And then yuri happened.

Rest is just random pictures, including other attempts at the bamboo shot.  The first one is the one used to make the header thing.


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