New Arrival: Desktop Arcade Collection Jubeat Saucer

jubeatpost01Bit of an unusual subject, I guess, but might as well.  Besides, if more people know about the Desktop Arcade Collection, then maybe more people will buy them, and more will get made, and maybe one day they’ll make a DDR one!

Jubeat Saucer from Konami’s 1/12 scale Desktop Arcade Collection.  Normally, these have been prize figures, but Amiami thankfully sells them, if you can manage to catch them when they’re available.  Unfortunately, they’re sold out right now.  There’s apparently three different varieties of the DAC Jubeat, but the other two were only available in a three-pack, while Saucer was the only one made available individually.jubeatpost02Not much of a fancy picture, but eh.  Since I don’t live in Japan or a place blessed with any sort of decent arcade, I’ve never actually seen a Jubeat machine in person and had to look up some gameplay videos on Youtube.  If you don’t feel like doing that (but you should), it’s another Konami rhythm game with the 16 square panels serving as both the display and input, it seems you just have to touch the squares as they light up during the song.

jubeatpost03Like the earlier DAC’s, Jubeat has to be assembled.  This is actually a bit of a difference from the more recent DAC’s of Guitar Freaks and Drummania, which barely required any assembly besides the stickers.  Curiously, a few of Jubeat’s sections come assembled, though the instructions show you how to put them together anyways.

jubeatpost04While the previous DAC’s used stickers and cardboard bits for embellishments, Jubeat adds some thin plastic bits, like this one that goes over top of the speaker.  The assembly is not that good at staying in place, with the top of that frame slipping off easy and letting the plastic wafer bit go, so I might end up gluing it in place eventually.

jubeatpost05The top with the screen is designed to be somewhat easily removable so you can swap out the backgrounds, one showing a title screen and the other showing gameplay.  The screen backgrounds are plastic wafers as well, presumably to make them more durable than the cardboard of previous DAC’s since taking them out involves a bit of poking and digging.  The 16 square panel can be lifted out of place for screen swapping without needing to remove any of parts of the arcade.

jubeatpost06The completely decorative cube that goes on top.  It doesn’t actually want to seem to sit in place securely, so I may end up gluing it, as well.

jubeatpost07The fake wheels on the bottom are designed to be able to only go in one way and can’t rotate.  The bottom also has the switch for the light-up feature and access to the battery case.  Batteries were actually included!

jubeatpost08The finished arcade, before any of the stickers and cardboard decorations are put on.  It would probably not look out of place in a pile of Gamecubes.

jubeatpost09The cardboard decoration is rather complicated.  There are even a bunch of strips of adhesive on it so it will all go together and in theory you won’t need your own glue.  I already had problems with some parts not staying together, though, so I’ve already added a bit of glue of my own.

jubeatpost10And with the cardboard and all the stickers added on.  A lot of the stickers are tiny, as they even go as far as replicating all of the various warning stickers arcade machines have.  I’m not really sure how much I like the cardboard topper, though.  Doesn’t really look that great, and because of the design of part where it’s supposed to be stuck on, it actually doesn’t go on very nicely.

jubeatpost11Backside with more of those warning stickers.  The quality of this Jubeat seems to be a bit less than previous DAC’s, with some parts not really fitting together too well.  Nothing that can’t be easily fixed with a bit of glue, though.

jubeatpost12Just a detail shot.  The warning sticker text is actually sort of legible if you’re vision is good!

jubeatpost13The other plastic screen background.

jubeatpost14A feature so far unique to Jubeat is this light-up feature.  Nothing particularly fancy, just two LED lights on the inside that stay lit when the switch is on.  At the moment I don’t know if the other two variants use different colors or not.

jubeatpost15Box.  It’s marked with what version it is, which I guess would mostly matter if you were trying to win it from a prize machine.

jubeatpost16Since Jubeat is a Konami thing, might as well have some Konamis playing it!

jubeatpost17Shinkies are Konamis, too!

jubeatpost18It turns out taking a decent picture of all my 1/12 arcades is actually a bit difficult, one even got hidden almost completely behind Jubeat.  But I have (one variant of) each of the DAC’s released so far, as well as both of the kits made by Wave.  I should use them for pictures more often…

9 thoughts on “New Arrival: Desktop Arcade Collection Jubeat Saucer

  1. I believe desktop arcade collection are actually not for sale and intended for ufo catchers in stores, well i manage to catch one after three tries in singapore

  2. Hello! Please, I wonder if I may possibly ask if you would be interested in parting with the Pop’n and beatmaniaIIDX (GF/DM too if possible!) machines. Im willing to pay top dollar ($100+ each ). I have been searching literally for years to no avail. Please, if there is any way you can help me or direct me possibly to some for sale, I will be in your debt. Thank you ! So sorry for just contacting you out of the blue like this but I am desperate, hope you understand :) Great site by the way!

    • I wouldn’t want to give up the Beatmania, but the others…I guess I’d have to think about it.

      And unfortunately I don’t know of where any can be had. Mandarake is probably the most likely place to find any, but they don’t have any DAC’s listed now, so you’d have to maintain a vigil. Asking around on whatever forums Myfigurecollection has might be worth it, but I don’t have much experience with their forums.

      If you’re interested in other 1/12 arcades, Wave makes a few kits that are still available in some places (there’s also a Taiko Drum Master one that’s not on that list).

      I also have a Jubeat and Quiz Magic Academy DAC’s that I’m no longer interested in keeping around, if you were interested I’d mail them to you for cost of shipping or whatever.

      • Thank you for you reply and information! I have multiples of all the Wave kits. I understand about IIDX, but the Pop’n would be dreamy (and gf/dm).

        As for the Jubeat and Quiz, I’d love to! Let me know, as well as what you decide on the others and thanks again! There is hope :)

      • Thank you for you reply and information! I have multiples of all the Wave kits. I understand about IIDX, but the Pop’n would be dreamy (and gf/dm).

        As for the Jubeat and Quiz, I’d love to! Let me know, as well as what you decide on the others and thanks again! There is hope :). (sorry for accidental anonymous post)

    • I don’t even think I’ve ever seen any of these being sold at conventions here. Amiami and the secondary market seem to be about all I’ve found.

      I would like to try and play it someday! But there are no arcades left in this area, much less ones that would have goofy niche Japanese rhythm games.

  3. I always found these pretty neat, I do wish I had more attachment to the games so that I would actually buy some. This particular one though seems pretty cool and hopefully if there is ever a DDR one it’s as nice and elaborate as this.

    • I haven’t even played most of these games but I’ve bought them anyways just because they’re so neat. At least they’re generally inexpensive if you can get them before the secondary market.

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