New Arrival: Figma Nanoha Takamachi Excelion Mode

nanopost01I originally thought to myself that I was going to give up on trying to do review posts, because lol what confidence, but then when I actually got Nanoha in hand I was all “I want to tell the Internet about these details!!”  So I ended up making a post anyways!  Maybe it’s still okay.  But I guess I’ll see if this fake confidence holds up to do posts for everything that will be coming in the November order that’s been getting larger and more expensive…

So, Figma Nanoha Takamachi in her Excelion Form as seen in the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha 2nd A’s movie.  Purchased from HLJ, as usual.

nanopost02A fancy picture.  I just recently decided to make myself a sort of small glass table, since such things don’t seem to actually exist, mainly using a picture frame.  Done mostly in anticipation of Native’s Cat Lap Milk figure that I’ll be getting whenever it actually releases, but I wanted something like this in general to be able to do decent pictures with light sources placed below a figure.  In this case, my red and blue Lightning Bases underneath while I held up one of those little “tap” lights.  Turned out pretty well, I think.  I look forward to being able to use the table to make fancy lewd pictures.

nanopost03Nanoha!  This is actually the second Figma of Nanoha to come from the 2nd A’s movie, and Nanoha’s fifth Figma in total, making her tied in Figmas with Saber Arturia, but still behind her wife Fate’s six Figmas and Miku Hatsune’s infinite Figmas.  The two 2nd A’s Figmas are pretty close to each other with the most obvious visual difference from the first one being the lowest layer of her jacket being a different shape and in different colors.  The only other differences that I’ve been able to see from the pictures (since I don’t have Sacred Mode) are the hair poof on her bangs going the opposite direction, her hair ribbons being shaped a bit differently, and the skirt on Excelion being segmented instead of the solid one-piece skirts that have been common to Nanoha series Figmas.  All other differences are in the accessories, and I assume both Excelion and Sacred are compatible with each other’s accessories, though I’m not so sure about the earlier Nanohas.

nanopost04Back view.  The peg hole for the Figma stand is on her waist and below the torso joint Nanoha has, which I find to be a much nicer setup than when the hole is on the upper torso.  The paint job on Nanoha came out pretty damn good, along with the rest of Nanoha’s quality, a relief after a number of Figmas with lower quality in recent years.  It’s a bit hard to tell, but the clasp that appears to go around her waist on the black area of the jacket is actually painted with a metallic color while the rest of the jacket is regular matte.

nanopost05Nanoha can actually look up a bit, mostly thanks to her short hair.  Her twin tails can rotate in place, but they aren’t on ball joints or anything and don’t really move that much.

nanopost06Compared to previous Figmas, Nanoha seems to have improved shoulders, mostly in that the joints are a lot bigger than they typically are.  Though this may be thanks to being able to hide the shoulder joints in the shoulder poofs.  The poofs themselves are the only “soft” plastic parts on this Nanoha and are free-floating, so they can be twisted around the shoulder joint as needed.  This also allows the bicep joints to rotate pretty freely without being restricted by the sculpt.

nanopost07The joint in her torso is something I don’t think I’ve seen in a Figma before.  I wasn’t able to get a really good picture of it, but it appears to be designed differently than the usual barbell-shaped torso joints a lot of Figmas use.  From what I can tell, the lower part of the joint is a ball joint, but the upper connection is more like a swivel.  Whatever it is, it still allows a great range of torso motion, which is pretty rare for a Figma!  Since it’s not a double ball joint, it also helps avoid some awkward misalignment of the torso.

nanopost08The torso goes forward and backward and all around pretty well.

nanopost09For a long time, it seemed like Max Factory had given up on trying to make skirts with any sort of articulation, so almost every skirt was just made as a single large piece, with some of Nanoha’s previous Figmas being some of the more infamous examples.  Excelion brings back the segmented skirt, and brings it back good.  Nanoha’s skirt is made up of three separate pieces, with the two side/back pieces being connected with joints while the middle front piece is actually static.  The range of the skirt’s articulation is limited, but still gives you something to work with, with the pieces designed to overlap each other to help keep up at least some appearance of the skirt still being continuous.

nanopost10Of course, there will still be gaps if you fully extend the skirt outwards, but it generally still works pretty well.  A lot better than they did on the original Saber, at least.

nanopost11The joints are rather well hidden underneath the skirt.

nanopost12Moving on to accessories!  Besides the death glare face, the only other face that comes with Excelion is this really happy face with a bit of blush.  Only two faces does suck, but it’s a bit to be expected with all the other Nanohas and Fates each only having two faces and probably all being compatible with each other (except for the StrikerS ones, probably).  Though I have to admit I think these two faces are a lot better than the two that come with Sacred Mode.  Nanoha also has five sets of hands, starting with typical fists.

nanopost13Splayed hands, which are actually her ‘default’ hands!

nanopost14Typical Figma holding hands, for holding Raising Heart!

nanopost15A pair of “closed” holding hands with a bit of an angle to them, also for holding Raising Heart!

nanopost16And finally, a pair of trigger hands (Raising Heart)!  Unfortunately, these hands still have the typical round grip that holding hands have, so I don’t think they’ll work particularly well with any guns from other Figmas, which usually have required hands specifically molded to their handles.

nanopost17Next is the wings for her shoes for when she’s flying and doing other things.  They peg into the bottom of the shoes with two pegs each, but thankfully are also easy to remove.

nanopost18Each of the bits is actually made up of two pieces, which aren’t glued together or anything but still hold together well enough.  I guess you could just use the smaller wings if you wanted to instead of having the full kit.

nanopost19Of course, the main event accessory is Raising Heart in the Excelion mode.  It’s longer than Nanoha is tall!  And quite nice looking.

nanopost20Nanoha also comes with a bunch of extra parts to display Raising Heart getting ready to fire Starlight Breaker and perform mass destruction friendships, as seen towards the end of the movie.

nanopost21A breakdown of all the various Raising Heart parts.  The two “heads” use shaped connectors so that they can only be attached to the segment with the cartridge magazine one way, and the assorted wing parts are all made so they’ll only correctly go in the slot they were intended to.

nanopost22The easily-missed but still pretty cool accessory, a spell circle for Nanoha!  It’s hidden behind the inner cardboard slip in the box without really being pointed out (unless you can read Japanese, maybe, or punch out the di:stage cover).  It’s got a hole punched in the center that fits on the bottom peg of the stand’s arm, with another hole the same size punched off-center so you can also have the circle correctly centered under Nanoha.  One side of the circle has a sheet o protective film on it that you’ll probably want to remove, btw.

nanopost23“I never asked for this.” -or- “It’s shit.”

For some reason, my Nanoha came with one of these.  It’s actually a part that comes with di:stages, but I haven’t seen it referenced in Nanoha’s instructions or any of the promotional shots, so I think it somehow got in there by accident.  It was inside the same plastic pocket as the stand arm, and also inside its own plastic bag thing.

nanopost24Colorful box.  Actually makes sense to use the bigger box with Nanoha, there’s even a second tray to hold all those wing parts.

nanopost25Quick and basic size comparison.

nanopost25-2Magical girls aw yeah.

nanopost26Before Nanoha arrived, I also decided to get another one of those “cushion strap” things for her.  And this one actually looks like a dakimakura on this side!

nanopost27The other side is just promo art-type stuff, though.

nanopost28Along with Nanoha, I had also gotten a set of these 1/12 trash cans.  I thought they were going to be a kit, but they’re actually all ready to go right out of the packaging, just have to decide what label stickers you want to put on there.  The set includes some “trash” bits, as well, some cans and paper things.  And the paper things are actually pretty nice printed paper things!

And now for various assorted pictures.

nanopost29nanopost30nanopost31nanopost32nanopost33nanopost34nanopost35nanopost36Used for that top image.

nanopost37A variant of the fancy picture.

nanopost38“You better not be talking shit about mai waifu.”

nanopost39I wanted to make this.

12 thoughts on “New Arrival: Figma Nanoha Takamachi Excelion Mode

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  2. Great review, BTW that part that you thought you accidentally got ? It’s actually a part used to vertically display the magic circle, here’s an example from Hacchaka

    • Ah, so it seems. I thought it might be for that, but sticking the circle into the piece was causing a lot of bending that was leaving me concerned, so I ended up thinking it might not be for that.

  3. That table is pretty neat, I have a glass desk and once tried to do just that but it didn’t end up with quite right with my results, I should give it another go. You got pretty spiffy results with it.

    I was mildly excited about her, fourth Nanoha figma and all I get but now the addition of the magic circle and all these neat things like the torso joint and segmented skirt. I also like this of selection of expressions way more than the last ones, which pretty much are the same as the first movie version.

    Cool things indeed.

    • I’m slightly annoyed it took me so long to realize all I had to do was basically put a picture frame on some legs.

      If I remember right, when subs for the 2nd A’s movie came out, Excelion was already announced, and I’m glad it was so I could have it to go for instead of Sacred. I wasn’t aware the torso was an improvement over Sacred, but the faces and skirt were both obvious, at least, and I think Excelion is definitely the better one.

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