6 thoughts on “Polymer Chaos #192: Revengeancer

  1. You know, I bought the ZoE HD collection and got early access to the demo, which I never played. I wonder how the game is, looks cool though. Chopping people up, feeding on their cybernetic flesh to restore health, nifty things. May be I should actually buy the game, need an excuse to may be pick up that Raiden revoltech anyways.

    • The nice thing about Revengeance is that if you’ve played a Platinum game and you’ve played a Metal Gear game, they you really know what you’re getting with Revengeance, because it quite honestly plays and feels like “a Metal Gear game made by Platinum”.

      I had kinda wanted it for a while now, but I’ll admit the Raiden Revoltech helped finally push me over (and also that the game can now be easily found for $40 or less).

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