New Arrival: Robot Damashii Banshee Norn

nornpost01I had meant to start working on this post after I had finished Yuno’s post, since both of them were in the same shipment, but I ended up losing a bunch of motivation and confidence.  And then Animal Crossing happened.  But I finally got these pictures done, quite a few more than Yuno had.

Robot Damashii Banshee Norn, from the Gundam Unicorn OVA series.  Ordered from HLJ.

Oh, there’s probably going to be a lot of me saying things like, “this is like it is on the Banshee Destroy/Unicorn Gundam,” because, honestly, it is.  Banshee and Unicorn are basically the same Gundam, and Banshee Destroy is just Banshee Norn in a different mode.  You can make a drinking game out of it.

nornpost02“Promo” picture.  Nothing special, though since Banshee is mostly nearly-black, I thought this kind of lighting might be interesting.  Also, has me thinking that since the original Gundam gets called the “White Devil”, then maybe an evil, opposite-colored Gundam might get called a “Black Angel”.

Since this is the Norn, technically it’s no longer piloted by the pretty cool Marida, but rather the crazy Riddhe that still can’t seem to get over the fact that Minerva didn’t want to sleep with him.

nornpost03Out of the box.  Banshee looks very clean and crisp.  Of course, there’s hardly any paint to worry about messing up.  Banshee Norn has the same engineering and overall design as Banshee Destroy (here we go) as well as the newer versions of Unicorn and Unicorn Destroy, so if you’re familiar with any of those, you won’t be finding anything particularly different here.

nornpost04Back side.  The backpack has to be attached out of the box, though it also has one of Banshee’s accessories on it, which I’ve left off for these initial pictures.

nornpost05Face detail.  Curiously, the visor on the face is actually split in half, a change from the way it was depicted on the old version of the Robot Damashii Unicorn.  It’s kind of easily hidden, though.  The mouth plate features some spike-shaped embellishments, which gives the Norn a bit of an Orky look.

nornpost06On to articulation, I guess.  There’s a lot of it!  Elbows are double-jointed, so they can do this, but there’s some weird stuff going on.  Parts of the sculpt on either side of the elbow have a tendency to get in the way of the other side, actually making it a bit tricky to get the arms like this.  But this may also be part of another problem for me, parts of each of the elbow joints on my Norn (along with a number of other joints) are really tight and stiff, so posing has been a bit of a hassle.  The wrists are also kind of double jointed, with the hands going on a ball jointed peg that itself has a bit of ball jointed movement where it connects to the rest of the arm.

nornpost07Shoulders are also well-articulated, as is the Robot Damashii norm.  There’s…a bit of a ball joint, a ton of hinges, and a bicep swivel.  The shoulder pauldrons are on hinges of their own so they can accommodate the arm movement.  The hinges at the top of each arm are tight on mine, but none of the joints are loose, at least.

nornpost08This about the best Norn can do this while keeping the feet flat.  The ankles are about as complex as the shoulders, with a multi-hinge system attached to a ball jointed peg.  Again, some of the hinges on the ankles are tight, and I’ve popped one of the ankles out at the ball joint a few times trying to angle the foot.

nornpost09Norn features the same knee solution that Banshee Destroy had, allowing a high level of movement by making the knee a sort of double joint, rather than relying on something goofy like the extending joints the original versions of Unicorn used to get more out of the knees.  Bending the lower knee joint also exposes some of the inactive psychoframe that’s built within Banshee.

nornpost10The feet are divided into two parts and can move as seen here.

nornpost11This is what the hip joints look like under the skirt, in case you were wondering.

nornpost12Like other versions of this mobile suit, Norn has beam saber hilts hidden away on its forearms (although the original RD of Unicorn in Unicorn Mode didn’t have these).

nornpost13There’s a block thing on the forearms that can be removed to let the beam sabers go all the way forward.

nornpost14Two more beam saber hilts are stored on the backpack.

nornpost15The legs have some retractable thrusters.

nornpost16On to accessories.  There’s nine total hands, four pairs and one hand by its lonesome.  Default is, of course, closed fists.

nornpost17Splayed hands.

nornpost18Hands for holding the beam sabers.  Although there’s four hilts with Banshee Norn, there’s only two blades.

nornpost19Trigger finger hands for the Beam Magnum and any other guns.

nornpost20The lone hand is for the left arm and in a grasping pose.  According to the instructions, it’s meant to be paired with the Armed Armor VN, but fuck tha police.

nornpost21The Beam Magnum is mostly the same as other Beam Magnums, though Norn’s features the addition of a grenade launcher.  Like the newer version of the accessory that Banshee Destroy used, the handle opens to make it easy to stick in Norn’s hands, and there’s a secondary retractable handle on the left side.  The Magnum also has two pegs for storing it on the Norn, a retractable one on the top and another on the right side.

nornpost22Like the other Unicorns and variants, Norn has a few slots for storing things, with the main ones being in the middle of the backpack and on the rear skirt panels.  Here’s the Magnum being stored with its top peg.

nornpost23Using the side peg.  Getting it onto the skirt panels doesn’t seem to work too well.

nornpost24Norn’s Armed Armor XC, some sort of thruster pack of which we’ve only seen a bit of so far in the OVA’s.  It’s made up of two pieces, the flat panel part pegging into the backpack, and then the perpendicular fin pegging into the same slot the Magnum uses for storing.

nornpost25The XC seen from the front.

nornpost26The fin can be replaced with an alternate “open” version, allowing Norn’s shield to be placed on the backpack.

nornpost27Like its siblings and a number of other Robot Damashiis, Norn has a bracket that can be stuck on either arm for equipping the shield.

nornpost28Shield, also called the Armed Armor DE.  With all of its gear equipped like this, the Norn looks pretty darn cool.

nornpost29The shield has a lot going on, itself.  Apparently it has a mega cannon and some more thrusters built into it, although I neglected to get a picture of the mega cannon’s barrel at the tip of the shield.  Like other Unicorn shields, the underside has some “wings” that can be spread open in an ‘X’ shape, though Norn’s shield is so much more bulky that you can hardly see the X.  There’s also a small panel at the tip that can flip up, but I currently don’t know the purpose of it, unless it has something to do with the mega cannon.  For some reason, there’s two panels on the sides that can be taken off, although I’m not sure if you’re supposed to.

nornpost30A retractable peg lets the shield stick onto the backpack, and the shield also has two wings that can be spread while the Norn uses it for extra thrust.  When the shields on the back, it makes me think of a surf board for some reason.

nornpost31Norn also includes a new version of the Armed Armor VN.  Apparently, the Banshee Destroy figures were finalized before the OAV episode featuring the Banshee was, resulting in the figures having a significantly different VN than what appeared in the anime.  Seems Bandai decided to “fix” that by including new, more accurate versions of the VN in with the Robot Damashii of Norn, as well as with the HG kit of Norn for the people that had the HG kit of Destroy.  The new VN is much bigger and more articulate.

nornpost32The “fingers” of the VN are capable of extending outward pretty far, and can also move side-to-side now.

nornpost33As was common with other Unicorns, Norn includes some extra ammunition, one for the Beam Magnum and one for the grenade launcher.  Both use the same pegs as the other accessories, easily storing on the rear skirt panels.

nornpost34The final accessory is an adapter that clamps on underneath the skirt so the Norn can be used with Bandai’s Tamashii Stages.  That’s an Act 4 there, only recently finally ordered some of the Act 5’s intended for mecha figures, but I’ll be waiting a bit to get those.

One thing Norn doesn’t have is a second head crest in an alternate material.  Most RD Gundams have included two crests that can be swapped with each other, one a hard plastic and the other a softer plastic, presumably to ease concerns of breaking the harder crest.  Norn’s horn doesn’t detach at all and there is no alternate, but it also seems much sturdier than previous horns or crests.  I don’t really mind the change, as I never bothered swapping crests, anyways.

nornpost35Banshee Norn alongside the Destroy version of itself.  Personally, I like the Norn better, much as I liked Unicorn Unicorn better than Unicorn Destroy.

nornpost36The old Armed Armor VN looks so small and puny now.

nornpost37Of course, the intent of the new VN is to give it to the RD Destroy.

nornpost38Likewise, the Norn can equip the Armed Armors from the Destroy to match its initial appearance in the OAV’s.

nornpost39Norn alongside the old RD Unicorn.  They’re supposed to be the same size, since they’re effectively the same mech.  While I would like to get the newer version of the RD Unicorn to replace my old one, it’s been packaged as “Full Armor Unicorn” so it’s a bit more than I’d really like.

nornpost40Aww, Norn’s giving Unicorn a hug with his VN!

nornpost41Alongside some other figures for reference.

nornpost42Box.  It’s rather large, as Bandai seems to have opted to forego using nested trays this time for some reason.

And now for a bunch of random, poorly posed pictures.

nornpost43 nornpost44 nornpost45 nornpost46 nornpost47 nornpost48 nornpost49 nornpost50 nornpost51 nornpost52 nornpost53 nornpost54I meant to take a picture like this for the Yuno post, but forgot about it, so it’s here instead.

Also, I’ve been thinking, if anyone would like me to do some kind of post like this for any of the crap I own that I haven’t already done, I’d be open to suggestions.  I could always use more practice trying to make not-crappy pictures and posts.  My MFC profile has most of my weeaboo collection for easy reference, only missing a few minor things, but it also has basically none of my “western” figures, which you’d just have to happen to see from the comics or other random pictures I might have taken.

6 thoughts on “New Arrival: Robot Damashii Banshee Norn

    • Yeah, the newer RD’s of the Unicorn family are much bigger, and far better made, than the original versions of the RD Unicorn and Unicorn Destroy.

      He’ll probably have to be careful not to try and grab certain things with that big ol’ claw.

    • Thanks.

      The lens I use is just the standard stock lens that came with the DSLR. An 18-55mm, I think. Although the photos with the strong backlighting were taken with my higher-end point-and-shoot rather than the DSLR.

  1. Hmm… no raping this time.

    You know I think I like the Banshee more in normal mode, seems like a cool gundam like mobile suit at first glance. On destroy mode on the other hand seems kinda, flashy, a little too flashy. Which is odd since for the Unicorn it is the opposite, I like the destroy mode way more.

    Anyways, this post finally answered one very important thing for me, how tall are these. I always had issues with other Bandai Gundam things where they were tiny like their MSiA line. Now, to track down a Unicorn destroy mode and a Nu Gundam Robot Damashii.

    • Only hugs.

      I don’t know what it is about the Destroy modes that ends up making me bored of their designs pretty quick. Although I think maybe the reason I like the Unicorn modes is because of how they kind of mix between being a normal Gundam and being a grunt mobile suit.

      You didn’t know about RD sizes? I could have done more comparison pictures! I think Nu Gundam is even taller than the Unicorn family, since it’s a big Gundam to begin with.

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