New Arrival: Figma Yuno

yunopost01Time for another Figma, I guess.  But I’ve been terribly unhappy with myself lately, so I tried to make this better than usual, at least.

Figma Yuno, star of the supreme moé series that is Hidamari Sketch.  I think I’ve been wanting a Yuno figure since the first season of the anime, how ever many years ago it was.  Purchased her from HLJ, where she’s currently at “low stock”.

Oh, I decided to run all of these pictures through some “Levels” filters…I’m not so sure that was the best idea, but I have to put up with it and hope it’s okay for now.

yunopost02A fancy picture for promotion.  Think I managed to make it come out pretty well, although I wish I had some better options for simulating sky backgrounds other than a printed picture.  The miniature easel and canvas were obtained from a Michael’s craft store, in the section with the paint supplies.  Although the easels come in packs of four with the canvases being separate, but available in various sizes.

yunopost03Yuno, in all of her short glory!  I’m actually a bit amazed at how well Yuno turned out in reality.  When the first promo pictures came out, I couldn’t help but wonder if they had actually been photoshopped some, because of the way they had a sort of “rendered” look to them.  There was also the concern of sketchy quality, although lately Max Factory seems to be managing to bring it back up.  She doesn’t look like a render in hand, though, and her paint job is amazingly clean.  Of course, that might be down to having a relatively simple design with most of the areas of different colors being separate parts.

yunopost04Back view.

yunopost05Close up of some of the details.  An important note about those X’s of Yuno’s, they seem to be held in not entirely secure, as I managed to dislodge one and tried to lose it in my carpet several times before I finally just put a bit of superglue on it to keep it in.

yunopost06Normally, I’d just say, “Figma articulation, lol” but I want to make this post good instead.  First off, all of the parts of Yuno’s outfit that are red (except for a small area on the back) are made of the soft flexible plastic that pretty much every Figma incorporates in some way.  So there is actually a torso joint hidden underneath there, but since the dress is a single solid piece, it can’t really be held in any bent positions, despite the flexibility of the plastic.  In this picture, I was attempting to bend the torso forward.

yunopost07And here I was trying to bend her backwards.  So I’m not entirely sure why that joint is included, or maybe I’m doing something wrong.  Yuno’s neck is also rather limited, despite having short hair, only being able to look up or down a tiny amount without pulling the neck joint out.  Which I actually did when trying to get her to look up as much as possible, it seems the peg of the neck joint that goes into the hair piece can be leveraged out easily, but it’s not detrimental and might be useful (for looking up).

I want to point out that before seeing this being done in a Max Factory picture, I had somehow never thought of using that angled peg bit that goes on the end of a Figma stand’s arm like that, by just turning it upside down.  It makes working with such a short Figma like Yuno a lot easier, and I am ashamed to only now realize it.

yunopost08Although the flexible material of her outfit could potentially provide some leeway, the poofy sculpt of Yuno’s sleeves are the main limiter of the shoulder articulation.  Yuno can’t put her arms down her side very well, and getting the hands to touch each other is possible, but difficult.

yunopost09Something Yuno can do, though, is sit, amazingly enough.  It’s a bit awkward, but when it comes to having a Figma being able to actually sit down, I’ll take what I can get.

yunopost10Moving on to accessories.  Besides the default smiling face, the only other face is this face.  An expression that can destroy nutbladders and bring about world piece peace.  It’s a really awesome expression that works amazingly well for a variety of things!  Yuno also comes with four sets of typical Figma hands, the first and default being these splayed ones.

yunopost11Next pair of hands is what I’ve been calling “relaxed”, but I guess you could also call them “cusped” or whatever else you want.

yunopost12Then there’s some regular fists.

yunopost13Last pair is a pair for holding things.  I’m starting to think these hands are not as good as they could be, though, since they’re harder to use with things like guns.

yunopost14Yuno also comes with a figure of “Ume-sensei”, the Metapod author avatar of the manga’s author, Ume Aoki.  It’s got a ball-jointed neck, so it can look around pretty well, and its own stand that just pegs into a hole on the Metapod’s butt.

yunopost15And…that’s it.  No other accessories!  No art supplies, no food, no reaction faces, no mannequin, no rubber duck, nothing from four seasons of anime, no WIDEFACES.  I don’t think anyone knows what the hell Max Factory was thinking with what they’ve done so far with the Hidamari Figmas, as there’s certainly no shortage of props and faces that the girls can have.  Even Yuno’s Nendoroid has more accessories, and it’s rather disappointing.  This has me worried that Max Factory is planning some WonderFest exclusives, but Yuno’s box is only labelled with a plain “Yuno” instead of something like “Yuno Winter Version” or whatever, which makes even WonFes exclusives an unsure thing.  I suppose there is some possibility of an accessory pack, but rumors to that effect have been around forever and nothing’s ever come of it.

I’m still on the fence about picking up Miyako, too, so Yuno can have her husbando, but Miyako is in the same situation; two faces, some hands, and a bowl of rice are all she’ll come with.  I guess the only thing now is to see what happens at WonFes in a few months and hope something gets announced.

yunopost16So, enough of that.  Quick height comparison with a couple other figures.  Yuno is damn short, I think she’s now the shortest Figma I own, just barely under Madoka.  It’s kind of to be expected, though, since Yuno is the shortest character in Hidamari Sketch, so if the other girls are going to be in scale, Yuno’s going to have to be pretty short.

yunopost17They’re white.


yunopost19So since Yuno lacks her own accessories, let’s give her some!  This is the “Dynamic Chain Saw” from the Modeling Support Goods line.  Thought I’d try one out, so I got this along with the order Yuno was in.  Pretty neat, easy to put together, though a bit bigger than I was expecting…

yunopost20Advanced weapons training.

yunopost21Homura’s Desert Eagle or whatever.  Unfortunately, it seems Yuno’s wrist pegs are actually a slightly different size than normal, besides being shorter.  The trigger hands for these two shots, from Misaka Imouto and Homura, were both really loose in the socket.

yunopost22“Ay!”  I suspect Yuno wouldn’t be very good at these kind of games.

yunopost23Mobile Suit Yunnochi.

And then I had some other pictures.  A lot of these are just variants of previous pictures.


yunopost25yunopost26yunopost27 yunopost28 yunopost29 yunopost30yunopost31My nutbladder.


yunopost33That guy’ll be next.  Possibly.

11 thoughts on “New Arrival: Figma Yuno

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  2. No accessories is a tired topic by this point, but a little Hamstercorp(TM) sure makes her look like a fan toy! Also, I second Luth on the photos being especially good this time around. I love the use of larger apertures, though I would suggest that you double-check your photos to make sure the stuff you want to be in focus are indeed all in focus. For the Banshee Norn review, adjusting the “shadows” slider in Lightroom is going to help to make sure that the black details the clear without making the photo look washed out.

    • It’s weird when people compliment the camera settings that I never change.
      Except for the attempted Gendo pose, they were all focused on what I wanted them to be focused on…
      That last pic was using settings set up for Yuno, so. I did a test shot and used some other settings that seemed to work well, but I want to do some more testing. Also don’t use Lightroom lol.

  3. She’s tiny! I was always on the fence on whether to get her and Miyako because I wouldn’t know what to do with them. Hidamari girls are too cute to do anything dirty with them! With exception of Hiro maybe. In the end I didn’t buy them.

    That happy face really is pretty damn HNNNNG,

    • I think she’ll be more like Yotsuba, working well with pictures of her just enjoying everything and being moe up the butt. Although that does make the lack of other faces more painful.

  4. First of all, like the new look of the blog. Big, easy to read, and a responsive design!
    Second, your photography for this review is really good! Nice clean, well lit shots, and the Levels did good. There’s an abundance of macro shots that gave nice close up looks and not overdoing the depth of field. I like the background you’re using.
    Third, the lack of accessories in Yuno’s figma is severely disappointing. The last figma I got was Yui Takamura from Muv Luv and all she got was a sword she never really used in the series. Of course the nendo got tons of accessory love though.

    • One of the main things I didn’t like about the old theme was the font size. The smooth scaling of pictures as the size of the window changes is a nice bonus, though!
      Yay, the pictures are okay. Now I’ve just got to figure out how I’m going to take pictures of Banshee Norn with all the dark it has.
      I remember back in the day when a Figma would have much more than a Nendoroid counterpart, and usually cost less, too. Now, it’s like, Nendos get all sorts of cool stuff while Figmas seem to be getting shafted.

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