8 thoughts on “Polymer Chaos #181: Only Girls May Apply

  1. Somehow I find Saber very fitting to become a Touhou, even if her hat is not as extravagant as it should be. I can also that she has no qualms about beating up innocent bystanders like our lovely Touhou protagonists tend to do.

    • Well, not every Touhou has quite so fancy hair decs. Kaguya even gets away with substituting her hime cut for a hat! And Saber could always bust out her Bride outfit’s hat, if she needed.

      Obviously Gensokyo’s fairies are only there to keep Saber entertained.

  2. Impressive. Most impressive.
    She’ll be a fine addition to the Touhou girls’ battles.

    Seriously, did NOT expect actual flower petals. (poor Cirno… ;_;)

    • Anyone can be a Touhou! Just need a hat and be a female.

      They’re just artificial petals, but I think Veil of Petals would be easier to make in some form than something like Thunderous/Artillery Applause or Domus Aurea.

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