Polymer Chaos #180: Keywords Harvest


I wanted to find a better way to do “Keywords” comics, and it seems the simplest solution was the best.

As usual: the phrases for each panel are all search terms people entered into the Internet and somehow ended up on my blog.

Oh, I changed the blog’s theme, because nothing satisfies me.  I hope you don’t mind.

12 thoughts on “Polymer Chaos #180: Keywords Harvest

  1. Hmm, they all seem pretty straightforward, even the France one if it was a random typo. I just don’t get why a peg in a whole for a funny marine comic. A normal semi understandable phrase sure bugs me more than random string of characters.

    • Yeah, not all of the phrases are going to be way out there, but it is still pretty amusing to get utterly mundane things like “girls and boys getting along”, and they still provide material. More interesting than what I usually get, anyways.

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