New Arrival: Nendoroid Akari Akaza


More stuff.  Because I was on a spree.  And I ain’t even done.

Nendoroid Akari Akaza from the Yuru Yuri series, a slightly older figure now, and purchased from Amiami because they actually had her in stock for some reason.

akaripost02ALWAYS, UNTIL THE ENTIRE INTERNET RUNS IT INTO THE GROUND (which would probably put MFC out of business…)

Kinda always wanted to get Akari, since she’s a pretty spiffy Nendoroid, so after seeing too many odango missile pictures, I finally made an impulse purchase.

akaripost03Right out of the box.  Akari’s default face is a winking face made for certain poses.  Goodsmile seems to have been making a more conscious effort recently to avoid including the infamous Default Nendoroid Face lately, and Akari is one of the ones that doesn’t have such a face.  And hey!  Haven’t used the Nendo playsets in a while, this will be quite fitting!

akaripost04Being a Nendoroid, articulation is what you’d expect from one of the non-enhanced ones like iBRS is.  Nendoroid joints for the neck, waist, and legs, with everything else being a swivel.  Though, the joints for the odangos are the same size as Nendo joints.  There’s also slightly hidden separation points on the biceps, for arm piece swapping.

akaripost05To the accessories!  Second face is an attacking/angry/whatever you want to call it face, mainly made for odango missile launches.  Which are also included!  The odangos plug into the fire bursts, which then plug into the smoke contrails.  The contrails have half a Nendo joint at the other end, so they can be posed around.

akaripost06Final face is the awesome victimized face, to recreate the scene where Chinatsu forces a kiss on Akari.  There’s also an alternate left odango that can be used to peg into the base to better recreate the “lying on the ground with head tilted to the side” pose.

akaripost07Better view of said odango.

akaripost08Other accessories include a second pair of arms, one bent leg, and a pair of hands doing a strange gang symbol, allowing you to recreate the self-introduction pose Akari did during the first episode.

akaripost09Akari also includes a pointing finger for the right hand, I think for poses imitation the opening or some key visual.  However, it also lets Akari manage something close to a Jojo pose!

akaripost10One particularly neat accessory is an “Akarin~!” panel.  It’s hidden behind the inner cardboard slip inside the box.  Although, if you were lucky, you could get an actual Nendoroid version of Stealth Akari.

akaripost11The ahoge can rotate and also come out.


akaripost13The inner slip of the box has a design recreating the room used by the Amusement Club.  Not much different from my Nendo playset…

akaripost14I also ended up getting one of these bonus bases with Akari.  They were part of a promotion GSC did for the 300th Nendoroid release some months ago, though if I remember right they barely said anything about it until people were getting them in hand.  There were several different designs, and I got the one that looks like a school classroom floor or something.

akaripost15Poorly-made comparison.  Wanted to make Akari look like she was rocket jumping, but the contrails aren’t quite long enough.  Obviously, the scorching on Saber Bride’s dress are there because she actually has booster rockets under that dress!

akaripost16Of course, there’s face swapping!  And the eye colors are even pretty similar…

akaripost17Picture used for a new header.

akaripost18Picture used to make an icon/avatar I’m now using everywhere.

akaripost19“We didn’t have to want to resort to this, but the Soviet ICBM’s are already on their way to Tokyo.  We had no choice but to ensure the deaths of millions would not go unanswered…”

akaripost20“This is it!  Akarin’s Final Attack!”

akaripost21This kills the Akarin.


11 thoughts on “New Arrival: Nendoroid Akari Akaza

  1. I don’t get it, why did you take a bunch of pictures of the nendo play set? Was this supposed to be a review of the nendo playset instead?

    Oh I kid, I kid…

    I like this nendo, it passes my simple test, the character actually fits the nendo form. I would say it actually fits it way too well. This nendo is excellent it’s everything that defines Akari in one single bundle!

    • I thought about something like that, but I think the first picture was enough. Don’t want to make things shittier than they already are, here.

      I’m kind of surprised that none of the other characters got Nendoroids (or Figmas), given that the show seems to have done pretty well. You can get stuff of that Meruru magical girl, but the show’s real characters hardly got anything, as far as figures go.

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