New Arrival: Revoltech Snake (Big Boss)

snakepost01Another one of these so soon!  I got a lot of stuff this month…

This time it’s the Revoltech Snake (aka Big Boss), purchased from HLJ.  This particular version of Snake is wearing the Sneaking Suit from Peace Walker, which I haven’t actually played…

snakepost02METAL GEAR?!

Starting with a tl;dr summary: Snake’s pretty awesome.  My faith in Yamaguchi has been restored after the disaster that was Vox Aura!  I even almost feel bad I got a bunch more pictures out of him already than Saber Bride, but Snake has a lot more accessories and every Figma is basically the same at the base.

snakepost03Initial shot.  Like most Revoltechs, Snake has a “dynamic” sculpt to him, so this is as neutrally posed as he gets.  Speaking of poses, I don’t know if I’ll be doing a good job at doing so, since I’m not a wizard like Yamaguchi is.  If you’re not already doing so, I would suggest following him on Twitter, since he mostly just posts pictures of his Revoltechs and assorted other figures.

snakepost04Snake’s got articulation up the wazoo, so let’s start.  The head can look around pretty normally, although it is rather oddly constructed.  The bandana is on a simple peg, so it can rotate around.  The neck is a big chunk that can move up and down decently, similar to the setup on the Revoltech Iron Man or Jehuty.

snakepost05He’s good at looking upwards, thanks to his head actually being two separate pieces, the top/face and the mullet.

snakepost06This is what it looks like with the face plate taken off.  One tiny joint going from the neck to the mullet, and another from the mullet to the top.  Unfortunately, the joints are those tiny wrist joints, meaning doing proper headswaps with Snake is difficult.  I was going to put his head on Menace’s body, but nope.  It’s kind of an awkward setup, honestly, and probably the weakest part of the figure.

snakepost07However, like some other Revoltechs, Snake’s one eye can be moved around in the socket.  Doing so requires pulling the faceplate off the head, since the peg for moving the eye is so damn tiny.  But it lets you give Snake a variety of emotions, just by moving the eye!  Here, we have “Looking down at something” Snake!

snakepost08“What the hell was that?” Snake!

snakepost09Ahegao Snake!

snakepost10As you might have already noticed, Snake’s shoulder joints sit up high and relatively exposed.  It doesn’t look bad, though, and enables an awesome range of arm motion, like the Chicken Dance.

snakepost11And a little bit of twisting gets you a field goal.

snakepost12The combined shoulder/neck/head articulation lets Snake do some good crawling/lying on the ground poses.

snakepost13There’s both a chest joint and a waist joint, so Snake can crunch pretty far forward.

snakepost14Not as far backwards, though.

snakepost15I’m not sure how to describe the hips, but there’s Revolver joints in there and stuff to hide the actual joints pretty well.  The hips can move around pretty well, though.

snakepost16Knees and ankles are pretty straight-forward, though the knee pads are on hinged pegs so you can keep them flush with the knee joint.  Much better than the kind of stuff that was on that first Iron Man Revoltech (and I believe the newer Iron Men are similar to Snake here).

snakepost17All the articulation makes Snake really flexible.  You can get quite a bit of interesting poses out of him.

snakepost18Moving on to accessories, first of all the hands.  And importantly, a new style of hands with wrist pegs similar to Figma hands!  This is quite a nice improvement over all of the other types of wrist joints Revoltechs have used over the years.

snakepost19Besides the default fists, first up is a pair of grasping hands.

snakepost20Tried to imitate that ‘yandare face’ picture/meme.

snakepost21Next, these hands, which are probably for CQC or something.

snakepost22Also good for saluting.

snakepost23This trigger hand, with the thumb extended, is the only one that isn’t part of a pair.  It can be used to hold Snake’s stun rod/taser/cattle prod and also works with his pistol.

snakepost24A pair of trigger hands without the thumb extended Snake’s silenced pistol.  These hands can also hold the cattle prod.  The pistol’s silencer can’t be removed, unlike the Play Arts Kai version of this Snake.

snakepost25The same trigger hands are also used to hold the rifle Snake comes with.

snakepost26Then there’s these hands.  They can also hold the cattle prod, and probably whatever else you want, but they seem to be mostly for…

snakepost27…these things!  Which are actually being held wrong.

snakepost28But when you have Snake holding those things right, you can use them to have Snake hang off of things.

snakepost29Perhaps one of the best accessories Snake comes with is the guard ‘Alert’ icon.  That sound is now playing in your head.

snakepost30The other side of the icon is blue.  It also has a Revolver joint-sized hole in the base, to make it easier to have floating over people’s heads.

snakepost31There’s also the ‘Sleep’ icon, for tranq’ed guards or if you just want to have Snake take a nap.  It doesn’t have a peg hole in the base like the Alert icon, though.

snakepost32Another awesome accessory is the famous cardboard box.  It’s a papercraft add-in, but it’s made of a nice, sturdy material.  I had the presence of mind to scan the sheet before putting it together, which you can find here if you’d like it.  The original sheet was 8 inches by 8 inches, so just print at that size or whatever size you desire!

snakepost33The other side of the box.  Of course, Snake can fit in it.

snakepost34He can fit in it pretty well.  The box is Nirvana, after all.

snakepost35And then!  That one effect part that comes with every other Revoltech!  But this is actually the first time I’ve gotten that one part, so I’m pretty okay with it.

snakepost36There’s also this support leg stand kind of thing, which can peg into a hole on the bottom of that fanny pack and help support Snake for more extreme poses.  Snake also comes with a standard Revoltech stand with extension parts, but that’s really only useful for the Alert icon.  He also has a Revocontainer to hold all those hands, but it’s a solid grey color instead of the usual translucent orange.

snakepost37The actual box that Snake comes in is pretty standard.

snakepost38Comparison with random other figures!  Snake is actually a bit bigger than I was expecting him to be, which is a good thing.

snakepost39Comparison with the Play Arts Kai of the same version of Snake, which I am now going to be selling off.

snakepost40An attempt at a Jojo pose!  More Jojo poses will make the world a better place and lead to world peace.

snakepost41It was love at first sight.

snakepost42CRAB BATTLE!  Okay, so it’s a Killer Crab Alien, since I don’t seem to have any other crab figures, sadly.  I think the official mascot of Baltimore is a crab, maybe I’ll pick up a plush of it next time I’m there for Otakon.  That gunburst part is from Figma Canaan.

snakepost43The shipment with Snake had a bunch of other stuff in it, too, because while I was waiting for Snake to release, I kept taking advantage of HLJ’s Private Warehouse system to buy random crap.  Like this 1/12 scale locker, which Snake doesn’t quite fit into, but other figures/dead guards do.  The kit is a bit odd, though, has to be glued together and there’s really not much to hold the door in place.

snakepost44Got a set of those 1/12 scale gashapon machines, which I had actually ordered back when they released, but I didn’t want to ship them by themselves, so they waited for Snake.  I realized now I should have gotten more than one set.  They even come with little gashapon capsules and a variety of cutouts for the machines!

snakepost45Also finally got one of those ‘cushion straps’, or as they are perhaps better known, “action figure-sized dakimakuras”.  I want to get one that actually looks more like a dakimakura design, but this Fire Sisters one was one of the few even in stock.  It seems like no one can keep many of them in.  It’s pretty nice, though, and a bit bigger than I was expecting.

snakepost46Other side of the dakimakura.

snakepost47Even Saber likes pretty young ladies the dakimakura!

snakepost48Finally, I randomly grabbed one of the new Queen’s Blade Grimoire  books, since I like this character design.  This one is named Zara and based on Little Red Riding Hood.  All of the Grimoire designs are apparently based on fairy tales and such, though the first one’s based on Alice from Alice in Wonderland.


I hope they make more Queen’s Blade Revoltechs eventually.

snakepost50And to finish it off, Snake in a shirt someone gave me to use for Shinkis or whatever, but I never got around to doing so.

I think probably the best thing about this Snake is that it seems to be selling well enough for Kaiyodo to just go right on ahead and make every God-damned Metal Gear character as a Revoltech, now.  They’ve certainly done stuff like that before, and I look forward to it.


11 thoughts on “New Arrival: Revoltech Snake (Big Boss)

  1. Oh man, I was originally go be all jelly and stuff but now I’m not since I was able to get a hold of good ol’ Snake. Now I will just be super jelly of the locker.

    I like it, I’m so happy this wasn’t one of those weird looking male revoltechs like Kenshin, Vash or Ed where their articulation made for some rather odd appearances. Also so happy it used the figma like hand joints I hate those flimsy wrist joints revoltechs get.

    Also, go play Peace Walker, get the fancy HD version so you can use an analog stick for the camera. Bunch of missions to do, nice Kojima story and rocking theme by Nana Mizuki make for an awesome MGS game!

    • At least the locker’s pretty cheap and easier to get.

      It seems Revoltech’s slowly, but surely, making overall improvements to the line. They just need to do something about those damn stands, now.

      Koi no Yokushiryoku is a pretty awesome song. But I take it the NA version doesn’t let you use the JP voices, so you wouldn’t get Mizuki doing her character (or the Vocaloids, if I remember right).

      • Sadly it does not, but I like David Hayter snake way more than the Japanese guy anyways. The song is there though, plays during an appropriately climactic moment of the game.

  2. Oh my, that ‘s a totally great figure! Great articulation and the accessories! Love the accessories! I remember the days when I playing the first metal gear game on PS1 XD You really had fun with him yes? :))

  3. Why put Snake in action poses when you can put him in silly poses and wearing sweaters? Hamstercorp produces the very best in non-quality content.

    Peace Walker sure seemed like a big deal in Japan, but here it was just pirated by some people and never took off. To us, Peace Walker is the game that finally got us some decent Snake merch, and that is a criterion for greatness by itself. I actually played through all of it and it’s pretty fun! Try it if you ever stop dungeon grindan or pokeyman catchan (i.e. NEVER).

    Time to download that wolf-fucker book.

    • Such cruel words.

      Of course Peace Walker wasn’t big over here; it was released on the PSP.

      It actually seems kind of weird that both Play Arts and Kaiyodo is using Peace Walker as the starting point for merch. Or maybe it’s just because it is/was the newest Metal Gear game. Well, by this time next year there will probably be at least 10 Metal Gear Revoltechs.

  4. How’d you get him so fast? Wasn’t he released a few days ago? Ordered mine then.

    Anyway it’s nice to see that he’s the size of a figma, was kinda worried he’d be out of proportion.

    Woa that’s explicit ever for Queen’s Blade. It’s supposed to be just suggestive!

    • Released around the end of last week, I think, and had it shipped EMS.

      It feels like the Revoltech experience is somewhat random. But it seems like they’ve more or less completely moved away from the smaller sizes that were common in the olden days of Revoltech.

      You’re just reading too much into it! She’s just practicing professional wrestling with her wolf!

  5. DO I RIKE IT?

    And I just CAN’T wait to get mine. You review… just makes me itching for stories.

    Dang, the ahegao and the “yandere” pics is a lol.

    p.s. lovely Nero Saber poster in the locker, BTW. ;)

    • I didn’t feel like waiting, either, since I already have a bunch of SAL packages abound, so I got Snake shipped EMS. I think you might be a bit more familiar with how Snake works than I was, since you’ve got that Drifters guy, but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

      There’s always at least a few lockers in the Metal Gear games with random model pin-ups in them, and I wanted to continue that proud tradition!

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