New Arrival: Figma Saber Bride

bridepost01So, my first new Figma in…quite a while.  But there have certainly been plenty of bad posts.

bridepost02Decided to go ahead and pre-order the limited edition set of Fate/Extra CCC to secure a Saber Bride Figma, even though I’m not really going to be able to do much with the game itself.  I have a feeling that when Bride starts turning up on Mandarake, she’ll be just as expensive as buying the game pack was anyways, so this seemed like a reasonable option.  The original Saber Extra is even up to 10,000 yen herself…

Of course, I wanted to get her because Nero is Best Saber, and as ridiculous as this wedding dress/body suit is, I still like the way it looks.

bridepost03Basic front view.  The quality on Bride seems to have turned out pretty well.  Though this Saber has a case of Beltan Zipperan, with some chains thrown in.  The design of the suit sort of reminds me of The Bride from Kill Bill, wonder if that was an influence.

bridepost04Back view.  The Figma stand pegs into the back of her dress rather than somewhere in her back, which works rather well, and I like it better than the clamp that Saber Extra had.  Despite the peg hole being relatively low, I haven’t had any problems with it being too low, like it can be on shorter Figmas.  Probably because of the way the peg has to be angled downwards.  The burn patterns on the dress turned out nicely, though I have no idea why her dress is like that.  Probably just “because”, like Extra’s dress that let everyone see.

bridepost05Bride has practically the same accessories that Extra had: two faces, two front hair fringes, her sword, and some hands.  These days, I guess having a dress counts as an accessory in Max Factory’s eyes.  Still kind of annoyed that Extra didn’t come with anything else, since there were opportunities, and I’m sure there’ll be something that Bride does in-game that would have made good accessories.  Though the paint job on Aestus Estus is new, to match Saber’s new outfit, the sculpt is exactly the same as the original that came with Extra.

bridepost06Like Extra, Bride has one Arco Wada face and one Takeuchi face.  The Takeuchi face is a pretty nice one, rather fitting to her bridal outfit.

bridepost07I think the hair fringes are supposed to be the same deal, one Wada and one Takeuchi.  The Takeuchi fringe, seen here, isn’t really that interesting, honestly, and looks more like an older styled fringe that would go with the original Saber from Stay Night.

bridepost08For hands, Bride’s got the usual splayed, relaxed, fists, and holding things hands, plus a pair of alternate holding things hands with the pinky extended, just like Saber Extra.  Although it seems I’ll need to be contacting Goodsmile to see if they can do something about me getting two left relaxed hands…

bridepost09Although Bride has typical Figma articulation, there are a few things to point out.  Her elbows are prevented from bending as far as possible by the frills on her wrists.

bridepost10The bridal hat/veil thing is actually on a joint itself, allowing it to move up and down slightly.

bridepost11Since it’s been so long since I’ve gotten a newly-released Figma, I think this is my first experience with the improvements to hips that seem to have been showing up in the past year or so.  Or at least, it seems that way, with Bride’s hips a bit different than usual.

bridepost12The sides of the dress are connected to joints, so they can be moved around a bit, but they’re prevented from real free-range movement by other parts of the dress.  For some reason, probably because they had no other choice, the belt buckle is attached to Saber’s torso while the belt itself is on the dress segments, leading to some awkwardness.  Doesn’t seem like it’ll be terribly annoying, though.

bridepost13The dress can’t really floof outwards too much.

bridepost14A better shot of that all-important butt cleavage, the most inexplicable part of the design.  Not that it’s a bad thing.

bridepost15I originally thought the blue on the bottom of the shoes wouldn’t fit with the rest of the figure, but it’s not as bad as I thought it’d be.

bridepost16Like all the other Saber Figmas, Bride can use faces from the other Sabers.  I’m not sure if that’s also supposed to go for the hair fringes, since I couldn’t get any to work.

bridepost17Nero with her previous version, as well as the original, flatter, Saber.

bridepost18Dual wielding!

bridepost19Used to make a header.

bridepost20Used to make that top picture.

bridepost21I assume you can put Idolmasters in wedding dresses at some point.

bridepost22The box Bride comes in, covered in nice art and called the “Virgin White Box”.  Because clearly Nero is associated with being a virgin.

bridepost23More box.  Think I like this side the best.

bridepost24Although the actual Figma box inside the main box is this plain thing.

bridepost25The tray is a more compact style with the rest of the stuff on a nested tray, since the game’s box is smaller than a typical Figma box.

bridepost26And there’s other stuff in the box!  I’ll probably try playing the game at some point (need to get that PSP charged…) but I can’t imagine I’ll make much progress.  Hopefully Aksys will be up for delivering a localization.  The Visual Works book is more cover than anything else, it’s hardcover but has about five pictures inside, along with a character song CD for Saber.  The sheet of stickers is pretty darn cute, but I’ll probably never use them because I’ll be crippled by trying to think of a good place to stick them.

bridepost27Also got this pre-order bonus “Virgin Bride” thing, I think it’s supposed to be some sort of in-character/universe “magazine”, probably a bridal magazine.

bridepost28There’s some art inside, but most of it is moonrunes, so I can’t get much from it unfortunately.

bridepost29And since no-one asked, here’s a picture of the horrible and terrible setup I decided to use to make this crappy post.

10 thoughts on “New Arrival: Figma Saber Bride

  1. You know that was my original reasoning when I was deciding to pre-order this set. I figured if this Bride Saber is gonna be like the old Nero then it is more bang for my buck if I get the bundle. Alas changing financial situations and a somewhat lackluster desire for Saber made me decide otherwise.

    I’m sure that if I play the game, and apparently some people on the internet consider it a done deal by Aksys, I will regret this decision. I will be nicely reminded why this Saber is the best Saber.

    Sigh… why is Nero still 10K anyways…

    • I went and took a look at Aksys’ forums, and seems like people there are thinking “they haven’t outright said ‘No’ so they might be negotiating or whatever!” I think I’ll be cautious. I’m sure Aksys would be up for it, but I have no idea what the sales numbers for Extra were, and trying to sell a PSP game outside of Japan these days is probably risky.

      I’m guess people started buying the old Figma up as the new game came close to release being the reason the price has been pushed up.

  2. This is a great post! not crappy at all! simple setup but it works so well. :) I find her sword interesting.. it has a different design than her original excalibur. :D

    • Aestus Estus is a pretty neat sword. Though, since it was originally designed by huke, it looks more like something a Black Rock Shooter would have than a Roman weapon.

  3. Dang… the price alone is… ouch…
    Aww… Blue Saber is envious of the other two. ;)
    And thanks for showing your setup. (now, if only my boner would relax…)

    • Such is the way of these damn bundled Figmas. And I rather doubt Bride would ever go on clearance like the two Railgun bundles.
      Arturia is so last season…and so flat…
      Admittedly, it was only a temporary thing I threw up on my desk rather than anything “proper” like I’ve tried to use before. Lighting kind of suffered on these, I’ll have to make some adjustments maybe, or not try that again.

  4. Whoa, Bride looks amazing! I had always dismissed the costume as being silly nonsense, but it does a hell of a job at showing off Sabertits’ curves — something a big poofy skirt just can’t do. The zippers and chains look pretty detailed as well, as well as the singed trim of the dress. She also doesnt’ look as slouchy as normal Sabertits. Nice, very nice.

    • I think I saw some ‘in-hand’ pictures a week or so ago that gave me slight concern, but she does look really good in person.

      It’ll be nice to have a Saber Extra that can do a bit more poses thanks to not having a giant solid chunk dress! Though it is a shame that the Figma design was finalized so long ago and couldn’t incorporate the unzipped look that showed up in the art.

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