6 thoughts on “Polymer Chaos #166: Sakura Tange

  1. Oh my, that third panel…I love it so much. LEWD, 2 LEWD.

    Sabertits is the master of dramatic entrances. If life is a Resident Evil game, she would always double-tab the open door button.

    By the way, you want my deck of Clow Cards? I haven’t touched them since forever, and you seem to have uses for anything and everything.

    • I thought people only opened doors slowly in RE whenever the accidentally missed the kick-in timing.

      It would be an awesome collectible to have, but I don’t really see being able to use them in pictures or anything. Didn’t you say they were bootlegs?

  2. I was about to complain, how this is not representative of Card Captor Sakura… but you know what, it really is…

    Aw man, you just reminded I want a Sakura figma, I’m pretty sure I put in that answer in that survey GSC made a while back.

    Also, Nero continues to show why she is the best Saber ever.

    • Maybe they should do a Fate/CCS crossover like they did with Nanoha and Prisma Illya, let Nero take Sakura’s place. It’d be the best ever.

      I guess we’ll get to know if Max Factory has a Figma planned here shortly once WonFes starts. With GSC doing a Nendoroid, it’s certainly possible, but MF has kind of disappointed me lately, and I know if they do announce a Sakura Figma we probably won’t even see it until next year. But I would still take a Figma over a Nendoroid.

      Unless they get really evil and have the theoretical Figma in a different outfit from the Nendo.

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