New Arrival: The Great Vox-Off

voxoff01So you may remember that I ended up being rather disappointed with the Revoltech Vox Aura, and because of that I had started thinking about getting the Robot Damashii Vox Aura, since there seemed to be a general consensus that it was much better than the Revoltech.  Luckily I didn’t go ahead and go for the RD immediately, as it turns out both versions of Midori ended up getting discounted at all the usual places pretty quickly.  Thanks to my waiting, I ended up being able to get the RD from HLJ’s Black Friday sale for a mere 1000 yen, though I then let it sit in my Private Warehouse for a month so I could have it ship with the Nendoroid More clip stand that released at the end of December.  Currently, both the Robot Damashii and the Revoltech versions of Vox Aura are still available at HLJ (and likely some other places) for 50% off.

Instead of doing a normal review-type post, I’m just going to go ahead and get straight down to comparing the two, because deciding which version to get is what really matters.  For all of the pictures in this post the Robot Damashii (or RD) is on the left side, while the Revoltech is on the right side.  Also, I’m going to assume any readers are already familiar with how the Revolver joints on the Revoltech work.

voxoff02Standing side-by-side, the RD is the larger of the two.  It also seems to be better proportioned and more detailed, and definitely has a better paint job.  However, in person the white parts of the RD look more ‘plasticy’ than the Revoltech does.  The RD uses two shades of a more aqua color for its greens, while on the Revoltech the color is more turquoise, and I’m not really sure if there’s two different shades being used or not.  Both figures feature extensive, but not overwhelming, use of pearlescent  paint.  The RD has more of it, though, with the effect even being used in the transparent parts on the wings.

Also, overall, the RD is much more stable and easier to pose  The Revoltech’s joints tend to be awkward to pose, and a lot of the joints on mine are also loose, making it difficult to get the Revoltech to hold a pose, especially without the stand.

voxoff03The most obvious visual difference is in the wings.  On the RD, they are as they appear in the anime when Vox Aura is in its mech mode, and feature no articulation.  On the Revoltech, they have a joint, necessary to accommodate the ability to transform into the flight mode.  Unfortunately, this leaves a very unsightly joint.

voxoff04Significant differences in the way the arms are handled.  On the RD, the elbow is double-jointed (and anime-accurate), allowing the arm to fold at nearly 180 degrees.  The “shoulder” on the front of the shoulder thruster can move up and down and rotate,  and the arms also feature a bicep swivel.  Interestingly, the bicep joints are just straight pegs, allowing the rest of the arm to be pulled off.  It’s pretty tight, so there doesn’t seem to be any danger of arms just falling off, but it could become a concern over time.  Another interesting note is that the shoulder thrusters are not actually attached to the base of the wings, as they appear to be.  The base of the wing is floating in a slot on the thruster, allowing a bit of flexibility.

On the Revoltech, things are worse.  The shoulder is a single small Revolver joint that tends no to hold in terribly well, and the elbows use the tiny joints usually used for wrists and other small effects on other Revoltechs.  The elbow can also only bend to about 90 degrees.  On the Revoltech, the wing and shoulder thruster are connected together.

voxoff05The torso of the RD is segmented into multiple pieces, with joints at both the chest and hip to allow it to move around quite a bit.  On the Revoltech, there is only a single joint at the chest.  It offers a more range than the setup on the RD, but it’s also one of the problem joints, often not wanting to stay in place and easily rotating or clicking.

voxoff06The hips of the RD use a peg with ball joints at both ends.  The ends attached to the legs are a bit stiff on mine, and I’ve been able to pop one of the legs off easily multiple times, but so far it’s gone back together well without any apparently degradation of the joint (unlike my Robot Damashii Exia Repair, which has an extremely loose hip joint).  The knees are double-jointed with hinges.

The Revoltech uses a single Revolver joint for each hip.  They have a wider range than the RD does, but since they’re Revolver joints, they tend to be a bit…difficult, to work with, though thanks to the general design of Vox Aura, it’s not as bad as Revolver joint hips tend to be on other Revoltechs that try to do the same.  The knees are double-jointed as well, but since they’re Revolver joints, they have a tendency to twist and make it hard to keep the legs straight.  The knees on the Revoltech can also bend at a greater angle.

voxoff07The ankles of the RD are pretty interesting.  They’re actually made up of two different pieces, and while they can only move around a little bit with their ball joint connections, they’re actually quite stable.  The Revoltech, on the other hand, only uses a single smaller Revolver joint.  The smaller joints tend not to want to stay in position much, and using them on the ankles makes the Revoltech pretty unstable.

voxoff08Accessories, starting with the stands.  The RD comes with a Tamashii Stage Act 5, customized with a green tint and Madoka’s Memoria design on the base.  The only place it can plug into is on the bottom of the back protrusion, and the stand doesn’t come with any of the clamps or other optional bits that standalone Tamashii Stages do.

The stand for the Revoltech is the standard Revoltech stand, which is widely regarded as being pretty crappy.  It can plug into the same place on the upper back that the RD’s stand can, but it can also plug into a second peg hole on the bottom of the hip section.  The foot peg on the base of the stand is completely useless, as the Revoltech doesn’t have any peg holes on the feet.  There’s also an extension piece for the stand, but that just makes trying to keep the figure stable even harder.

voxoff09The sword and shield.  On the RD, they’re separate attachments that plug into spaces on the forearms.  Both forearms have a bit on them that needs to be pulled out so the gear can be stuck in.  The shield of the RD isn’t actually a molded piece, but rather a flat piece of sheet cut plastic, making it feel a bit cheap and flimsy, but not enough to be concerned about easy breaking.

The Revoltech instead opted for swapping the forearms out entirely for a different pair of forearms, which also means moving hands and having to deal with pegging those tiny elbow joints into place.  Also note that the Revoltech’s shield…doesn’t actually exist.  It’s just a “shield deployed” look, but…no shield!

voxoff10More on those bits on the Robot Damashii.  The smaller bits are what are normally stuck into the forearms.  Each one also has a unique peg design, despite being exactly the same otherwise, so each bit will only go into one arm.  This also means you can’t swap which arm has which weapon, which seems to be a bit of an odd lockout to do.

voxoff11The RD has four pairs of hands: closed, splayed, more splayed, and pointing fingers.  They’re a soft material and connect by a ball joint, giving them a bit of range.  The Revoltech only has a pair of fists and a pair of splayed hands, with only a single pointing finger for the right arm.  They use straight pegs, so can only rotate in place.

The Revoltech also has additional parts for the conversion to flight mode, as detailed in the post I did for it.  But since they serve no other purpose, I’m leaving them out of this one.  The Revoltech also comes with a Revocontainer, but most of the extras Vox Aura comes with can’t even fit in it, making it really only useful for not losing the tiny hands.

voxoff12And might as well show the boxes.  The RD box is pretty thick, but features some nice themed design.  The Revoltech box is a standard one, but since it’s not any thicker than a normal Revoltech box, the Revoltech actually has to be assembled out of the box.  It’s not exactly a “real” issue, but it does leave an odd impression, especially since there have been thicker Revoltech boxes before.

voxoff13(Imagine your own slash effect!)

So of the two, which is better?  Honestly, it’s pretty much no contest that the Robot Damashii is far better.  The only thing the Revoltech has a real edge with is the ability to be changed into the flight mode, which is something that could probably be lived without.  If you’re really dead-set on having a Vox Aura in flight mode, and can’t be satisfied with the egg plane (Nendoroid Madoka can even ride in it!), I would still get both anyways, as the RD is the better mech figure.  And since they’re half-off pretty much everywhere, you can get both for what it originally cost for one (or you can wait around and hope for another deep discount deal).  The Robot Damashii is at least actually worth it’s 50% off price, and I wouldn’t have minded paying the original price for it.

Also, if you want to complete the set and have all three Voxes, getting Robot Damashiis is currently the only way to do so, with Revoltechs of the other two probably being highly unlikely.  Unfortunately, Vox Lympha and Vox Ignis are both web store exclusives, so it’s about $100 to get both of them, which REALLY SUCKS.

15 thoughts on “New Arrival: The Great Vox-Off

  1. I personally prefer the Revoltech. While the Robot Damashii does feature better applied paint, better accessories and stability, i’ve had more enjoyment with the Revoltech version. The Revoltech has more anime accurate paint, and it’s a joy to pose due to the Revoltech joint. I’ve had no issues of looseness on my figure, and i’m loving it. The transformation also played a big role though, it’s like having pasta with no sauce, you can eat it, but it just doesn’t taste as good. Piercer mode is the default form of the Voxes after all.

    Literally the only reason I debated getting the Robot Damashii was because there is no Revoltech Rympha and Ignis, while there are P-Bandai versions of the Robot Damashii. I’ve had a complete joy with my Aura and I do not regret my purchase. Especially since I bought it for dirt cheap.

  2. i got both with almost 70% discount, so both were like 45 or something with shipping
    and i love both versions, each one has its pro and cons, but now that i have both i dont know how to live without the other one, the revoltech downsides are that it lacks the shield, and her neck joint is at a weird angle, stability the full forearm replacement for the sword, stability , wing detail and that she lacks the lef hand with pinting finger(not really needed but still something that would have been cool)
    but the RD lacks the hability to transform, for some reason doesnt feel as cute as the revoltech, but i dont know why, the lack of a wing joint restrict some many poses that are easy to do with the revoltech, yeah, the hands are balljointed but the forearms ar always in the same position, on the revoltech one can move the forearm allowing for again, some neat poses, the feet are better jointed but the legs somehow feel limited, the sword lacks some paint details, and so, so again, neither version is the perfect one but both have their own charm, and having both is enough for me, but damn, those rympha and ignis are really expensive, and compared with how cheap i got my auras, even more, but if revoltech releases them i will get both versions no matter the cost(quite literally) and maybe, the egg plane forms of all three
    so i get all three versions of all three vox

    • If you managed to get them super-cheap, getting both doesn’t seem so bad, but I kind of regret paying the full price for the Revoltech with the QC issues mine had. It is a shame it’s so difficult to complete a set of all three Voxes, though, probably would look pretty cool to have them together.

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  4. Man, what has happened to revoltechs lately? The newer stuff has been pretty hit or miss… hmm has it always been like that?

    This is a nice comparison for me, I always been curious how Robot Damashii stuff compared to other action figure lines. Such shame the RD version doesn’t transform, I like my transforming mecha, although that always ends up with a bit too many comprises.

    • It seems to be an issue with the line in the past couple of years, but the general consensus is that it’s only with the Yamaguchi-sculpted stuff. Vox Aura is the only Revoltech I’ve owned that I would outright consider “bad” (Aldra is pretty forgivable), but I don’t have too many Yamaguchi-sculpted Revoltechs to say I have a good sample; I currently only have Ultra Magnus, Jehuty, and Vox Aura from him. And honestly, I’ll still probably be picking up that recently-revealed Ardjet and the rumored Naked Snake/Big Boss, depending on how it looks.

      The biggest problem with trying to have a transforming Vox Aura is that there’s some magic physics going on in the anime that make a toy basically impossible without partswapping and putting joints in the middle of the wings like the Revoltech does, so I’m willing to take no jet mode as a compromise for a more or less flawless mech mode.

  5. Thats an interesting comparison. The RD looks better made in comparison, but the Revoltech Aura has stronger colors which gives it a slightly better appearance on first look. But after the second the RD wipes the floor with Revoltech. It appears a much better model of Vox Aura.

  6. Thanks for the review! Will likely get the Robot Damashii sometime in the future :D.

    If it’s possible, I request to have the RD german-suplex the Revoltech :p.

    • When it was still only half-off, I was still like “ehhhh…”, but then HLJ said 1000 yens and I went ahead and jumped on it.

      Kinda wish I only paid that much for the Revoltech, though.

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