Polymer Chaos #162: Thing of the Year

pc_162_thingoftheyearThat this is something I’ve never done before and stupid are both true statements!

Also, would any of you readers (what readers?!) like to answer a few brief questions for me, as a sort of survey? Completely optional, of course. I can’t really do anything about keeping responses anonymous, but I can assure you that HamsterCorp will not sell your information to third parties and if you use Adblock then presumably they won’t even be used to tailor ads! Having these answers probably won’t have any effect on the quality of the comic, but it will perhaps sate my desire for more meaningful data.

I actually do feel kind of dirty doing this, but I assume doing this sort of thing is actually a normal thing.

1. Have you read all of the Polymer Chaos comics?
2. Do you ever feel a desire to re-read any or all of the Polymer Chaos comics?
3. Which Polymer Chaos comic is your favorite Polymer Chaos comic, if you have one?

For the record, my own answers are ‘Yes’, ‘Yes (it’s self-punishment!)’, and ‘Probably Spoiler Alert and Tsundere Kagamin~‘.

12 thoughts on “Polymer Chaos #162: Thing of the Year

  1. I thought about doing a post like this but then I realized that the the games, anime and figures I liked the most the past year were for the most part not released in 2012 but in years prior.

    1. I read all the ones you uploaded to WordPress. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. It was a pretty interesting HasmterCorp time capsule of sorts. Seeing the gradual change in the different kinds of toys you used up until the present.

    2. I re-read some of them, kinda in a, “wasn’t there this one comic where…”

    3. As for favorites there would be the one where Konata shows up with a Kagami doll, or the Nanael tree ornament one.

    • I barely remember half of what came out in 2012, anyways, so I wanted to go with silly categories and non-serious “winners”.

      Such dedication and/or masochism! The archaeology aspect certainly is interesting. “Here, we see where HamsterCorp discovered the superior articulation of Japanese figures. And here you can see where HamsterCorp finally realized how stupid he was being.”

  2. I love how iBRS expression for everything is frowning.

    1. Think I’ve read about half of them.

    2. I rarely re-read stuff, unless someone makes a specific comment on the subject and I want to see exactly how it went down.

    3. I like the one where Banagher kills himself because he’s piloting a newtpe-killer Gundam.

  3. >>Most adorable of the year
    >>Insane BRS
    The amount of HNNNNG is overwhelming…

    Lessee, survey time:
    1 – Nearly all (might have missed one or two)
    2 – Depends on the LOL-factor (very iffy)
    3 – The Erec… I mean, the ELECTION comic.

  4. 1. I’ve read most of the comics, at least through the upper 60s, though I think I’ve seen several of the older ones as well. I remember something about a race like the old Hanna Barbara cartoons was that part of this comic?

    2. I’ve re-read several of them, Most of the ones that I’ve re-read I did while searching through the blog for older posts about various new arrivals.

    3. #124 is my all time personal favorite, though Madoka’s horrified face makes so many shots with her funny. #129 was really well done in my opinion and is another favorite. The keywords are usually pretty good also.

    • There…there was the “UltraRace”. I feel shamed by it.

      Seems those search term pictures were more popular than I thought, I’ll have to look into resumption of mining sooner!

  5. 1. I haven’t read all of them, though I’m probably close — I caught a lot of your old stuff when you re-uploaded everything.

    2. I’m not really big on retreading stuff. I don’t like rewatching movies and rereading books, and I very rarely replay games. If I’ve read a comic before, I don’t really feel the urge to re-read it unless it’s being referenced by a new comic.

    3. Definitely hard to pick a favorite, but I like #89 (Temptress). It’s funny and well-photographed. I also like #136 (Eh) for obvious reasons. Oh, and all the Polymer Order comics are AMAZING, as well as the Polymer Chaos keywords. Actually, if I had to pick one, I’d go with the Tychus Finlay pin-up.


    • I wanted to ask that second one because I tend to re-read entire webcomics for time to time, like when I’m really bored at work or something, which I take to mean that I enjoy those comics enough to do so. So I want to see if anyone actually likes my shit enough to read it out of boredom…probably no one!

      Doing those Keywords things were fun, but I’m not sure how I should actually handle them, since all I’m doing is taking a picture. I think eventually I might start doing more pictures based on search terms, but drop all the labeling and whatnot and just post them as straight-up pictures. Though I could also probably pull normal comic ideas from some of them. Polymer Order is kind of tough, too. They follow specific rules, but after four times of doing the same thing, I wonder if there’s actually any way to come up with something new while still staying true to the format.

      Man aren’t people usually not happy about Batman Surprises? I am pretty sure there are plenty of criminals who weren’t too happy getting some.

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