New Arrival: Nendoroid Insane Black Rock Shooter

insanebrspost01After six months of waiting, everyone’s favorite batshit lesbian with no fashion sense is here.  As iBRS was a Wonder Festival exclusive, I ordered her through Goodsmile’s web shop while the preorders were open.  Quite convenient, except for that flat EMS shipping when you’re only ordering one action figure.

It’s been quite a while since I got a new Nendoroid, Cirno being the last one (though I had gotten a couple older ones), so this is actually the first New Arrival post for a Nendoroid I’m putting here.

ibrspost02Right out of the box.  All of the issues surrounding the last Winter Miku Nendoroid had me a bit worried, but everything turned out pretty well on Insane.  Her hair makes her kind of hard to photograph, though.

Like pretty much every Nendoroid now, Insane uses the action stand the line should have started out with.  Ever since getting Cirno, I’ve felt like the action stands are basically the best thing that’s ever happened to Nendoroids.

ibrspost03Rear view.  The stand plugs into her lower back.  There’s an extra hole above that, which will be important later.

ibrspost04Interestingly, they gave Insane a bunch of extra articulation over normal Nendoroids, but not to the level of their “Super Posable” Nendoroids.  She’s got ball-jointed hips, swivel thighs, and hinged knees, but her arms are standard Nendoroid fare, probably because of her weapons.  Both of her twintails are also fairly articulated, though instead of being attached to normal Nendoroid joints, each twintail is made up of several segments that are joined at the joint, two segments on the smaller right twintail and three segments for the larger one.  Unfortunately, I got a few loose joints, one of the knees is a bit floppy and the right twintail likes to pull itself apart.  Nothing major, luckily, and something I might try to fix with the Future polish I bought for this kind of thing.

ibrspost05Starting with the various accessories.  First up, a pair of closed fists.  Each of the arms is actually three parts, upper arm, fore arm, and hand.  I’m not sure why they bothered putting a swivel cut like that at the elbow, though, as it only has any actual use on one of the alternate arms.

ibrspost06Accessory holding hands, along with Insane’s smaller sword that is kind of uninteresting actually.  But I guess it’s nice that she has something she can use other than her huge main weapon.

ibrspost07She’s got two alternate right arms, first one is just at a bit of an angle.  Since they made the upper and fore arms separate parts, the alternate arms just consist of the upper sections, requiring you to swap the lower sections around.

ibrspost08Other right arm is extended straight, mostly for the benefit of holding her main weapon in one of the key poses.

ibrspost09Insane’s second face, which is much like the main face, but with the eyes not open all the way.  Insane only having two faces is the only real disappointment I have with this figure.  More faces are always better, but it’s really disappointing to not get one of those marvelous Chanxco faces the original BRS Nendoroids had.  GSC got Chanxco to make faces for BGS and STR, they could have done it for Insane.  Also would have been nice to have a custom base like the older BRS Nendos, especially since one of Insane’s box poses requires her to be standing above the tip of her main weapon, but it’s not that big of a deal to me.

ibrspost10On the subject of swapping faces, Insane’s bizarre upside-down crown pegs into the back of her head and is made of a nice soft material.  The instruction sheet suggests taking the crown off completely, requiring also pulling out the larger twintail, to do face swaps, but it’s possible to do the swaps without taking the hair out, which is much easier.

ibrspost11Flaming eye accessory.  It’s a two-piece set up that simply pegs onto the underside of the front hair fringe.

ibrspost12Last bunch of accessories, the main weapon.  It’s got its own support arm, though the arm doesn’t peg into anything – the end just has an odd sort-of cradle for the weapon to rest on.  The chain is metal and plugs into Insane’s back, where that other hole mentioned earlier is.  She’s also got one alternate left arm in a bent pose, with one final hand that’s an open hand designed to be able to hold onto the chain.  The shoulder pad on the left arm is made of the same soft material as the crown and pops off pretty easy so you can move it between the two left arms.  This second left arm is also the only one where the elbow swivel actually makes sense to have.

ibrspost13The handle of the weapon pops off and then splits apart, making it pretty easy to stick the accessory holding hands on there.  That other bar thing just pegs in underneath the handle.  I’m slightly worried about the durability of the handle parts, they are pretty small.

ibrspost14The weapon also comes apart, though I don’t really know why, but it does make the weapon easier to store.  The wheel that goes in the middle is capable of being rotated while assembled.

ibrspost15Insane Black Rock Box.

ibrspost16Just a shot side-by-side with a couple other figures.

ibrspost17Insane Black Rock Shooter used Surf!

ibrspost18RIDER KICK!

ibrspost19Used this to make a header.

ibrspost20Used this to make the avatar I’m now using everywhere.

ibrspost21Used for the top image.  She’s camouflaged!

ibrspost22I once saw a picture with a similar style, using the original BRS Nendo, and I wanted to do something like it.  This picture is 1920 x 1080 because I wanted it to be a desktop.

ibrspost23Lay off the drugs, yo.

ibrspost24This is a picture of Insane Black Rock Shooter with a cat.

ibrspost25Insane Cat Rock Shooter.


Pretty happy with Insane.  I ended up looking forward to her quite a lot, having come up with quite a few ideas for comics in the time I’ve been waiting.  So I hope y’all are ready for more Insane Black Rock Shooter, because there’s gonna be more Insane Black Rock Shooter.

8 thoughts on “New Arrival: Nendoroid Insane Black Rock Shooter

  1. Insane Black Rock Shooter’s gun seems so awesome yet so unwieldy to really use at all. Also it’s cool she has at least a little bit extra poseability, especially the bendy knees! Man, that meh expression is so awesome

    • Yeah, I forgot to mention that it was a bit of a pain in the ass to setup, between plugging everything in and getting it all lined up and balanced. Would’ve been nice if the extra stand could plug into the weapon somewhere instead of just resting on a bit.

      The extra articulation does help a lot, I wish more Nendos were like this with at least the legs. Swapping parts is so cumbersome.

  2. I always loved how bored and uninterested IBRS looks, good thing GSC was able to transition that to the nendo. Kinda sad that the figma wasn’t just a GSC shop exclusive, but I do suppose GSC needed an incentive to sell the anime blu-rays.

    I’m beginning to think the flat shipping is a rip off, I only every bought one figma from them and it is not worth 2000 yen shipping, specially with the lackluster glove like box they sent it in. Whatever, still beats a proxy I suppose.

    • There was that weird Amazon Italy package, that had the DVD’s with the Figma while still coming in under $100. I thought about it, but decided the Nendo had more potential for me as a cute ball of hate. I know there’s a scaled figure in the works, too.

      GSC’s shipping scheme is pretty retarded, but I feel like I’m putting up with it, for now at least, since when it came to the Giga Kyubey, GSC was definitely the ones getting pounded in that arrangement. But then, it seems like not that many people even got the Kyubey…

  3. Only two faces included… That sounds… rather disappointing, A Chanxco face would be an interesting addition, judging from Insane’s face. =)

    I bet the Riders at your place must’ve been jealous of her kicking move.

    • I wish GSC would pick a standard number and stick with it. Some Nendos have two, some three, and occasionally even four. I would have expected the WonFes exclusives to get better treatment, too.

      They probably are, since both of the Riders I have are ones that didn’t get super-fancy kicks, like what Fourze and Wizard have.

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