6 thoughts on “Polymer Chaos #159: Christmas Spirit

    • Having a few bits of furniture can really go a long way. Though, have to avoid splurging too much on it, as 1/12 scale furniture can get pretty expensive pretty fast.

      Skull probably has the best attitude towards the holiday madness, just sit back and relax and until it’s passed by.

  1. I’ve got that exact same tree, though I bought mine last year. I liked it better than the other non-fiber optic ones they had. And it does change color!

    • Yeah, all the other trees they had were pretty crappy. A few years ago I bought a similarly-sized tree that was actually made to look sort of like a real Christmas tree from a Michael’s, but I think it had a bunch of glitter or some shit on it so I didn’t keep it.

  2. Oh that three is pretty neat! If I lived by myself I wouldn’t put up any decoration because that means I would have to take them down by myself later and that sounds like a pain.

    Oh man, hasn’t it been a year already since Nanael was star of the show for last year’s tree? Time flew so fast.

    • And it was only $6 at Target!

      I do have a little tiny fake tree that I can stick somewhere, but nothing else. And definitely no exterior decorations, especially since I live in an apartment.

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