Polymer Chaos #157: Black Steam

pc_157_blacksteamOh my God you guys I feel like I did a really good job with the poses and these pictures for once!

I will never achieve this level of quality again.

Meanwhile, Hobbylink Japan’s Black Friday sale is actually kind of decent! Ordered the Robot Damashii Vox Aura, since 1000 pokeyens is retardedly good. Hopefully it’s better than the Revoltech was.

6 thoughts on “Polymer Chaos #157: Black Steam

  1. Yay, I’m not the only one who buys DLC when it’s sale for games I haven’t even started yet! Luckily or unluckily enough I did not buy anything from the Steam sale even though my whole wishlist was on sale.

    Ever thought of getting one of those gorilla pods? I got one for my Lumix LX5 and it works pretty well, and if you need the added support there is the DSLR version. With that tripod you can do all sort of crazy angle.s

    • But I already had 250 hours in Skyrim when I got that DLC…

      I’ve got a mini Gorillapod for my point-and-shoot, but they wouldn’t serve my needs on the DSLR, since they don’t have the height advantage of a normal tripod. But I do need to get some sort of moldable bean bag or something that I can use to take pictures with the DSLR directly on the same surface as the subject so I can do easier on-desk shots.


    Loving the DRAMATIC angle in the third panel — you should do those more often! Also, Rathalos tenderly licking Magnus. Mmmmmmmm

    • I should probably replace my tripod so I can do stuff like that easier, since mine only tilts in one direction, so I have to do everything inverted if I want to tilt the other way, like I did for that picture.

      The dragon leans in close, and whispers in your ear:

      “Arrow in the knee.”

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