Polymer Chaos #153: Master Debaters 2012

pc_153_masterdebaters2012Now then, last time I did this I suddenly decided after the election was over to consider any comments left as votes. Since I didn’t actually tell any one this, there ended up only being two “votes”.  So, this time, with the power of being able to not have to pay to make a poll like on DeviantArt, there will be a poll!  You can vote for someone if you want!  I’ll leave it running until Election Day.  And then I guess I’ll do something based on the result.

Rathalos is saying “kill the Dovahkiin”, in case you don’t feel like learning Dragon.

10 thoughts on “Polymer Chaos #153: Master Debaters 2012

    • I was hoping people would pick up on that option, though I didn’t want to point it out myself, since that’d probably cause everyone to vote for random write-ins.

      Is…is this the fabled Web 3.0, with the audience participation?? Am I finally in the futures?!

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