4 thoughts on “Polymer Chaos #152: It’s a Documentary

  1. I got an Arnval Tempesta which I gave the name Arnest Valerie or “Arnval” for short… no, not really. I don’t name things other than my electronics even when I have stuff like a dollfie. I do suppose if Shinkis were real they are an electronic device so I would name them.

    Shinki clothes are hit or miss for me but if you ever change your mind I know of a dedicated seamstress that makes Shinki stuff.

    • I think, if I had to name my Shinkis, I’d probably just end up carrying over the scheme I use for my computers: naming them after the swords of the Knights of the Round Table.

      …although I guess that could get kind of odd with Pomock getting such a noble name.

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