4 thoughts on “Polymer Chaos #151: Smorgasbord

    • Being able to buy locally sure would be nice. Having to ship it kind of negates the decent price, though at least I was able to just stick this in with an existing order.

      Haruhi seems like the kind of girl that’d just go ahead and build a desk herself if she couldn’t just “liberate” one from somewhere else.

  1. Hmm… I wasn’t the only one who raised an eyebrow at those instructions.

    I bought three of those, I made the bad decision to build them all at once together with the chair and table set. Bad, bad idea using only small scissors and a nail clipper to sand stuff. Even more so since I apparently am anal about sanding off the leftover bits.

    Still pretty neat, I hope more types of props are released.

    • I didn’t even bother sanding. But then, I do have that nifty Xuron clipper designed for these kind of things.

      I know there’s two other sets Hasegawa’s made, those school desks and club room tables, but this desk was the only one HLJ had in stock when I put an order together (it was with the Beach Queens stuff), and I figured having a work desk would be the most useful, since I already have a 1/12-ish computer.

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