New Arrival: Beach Queens Palm Tree and Saber Extra

beachpost01Obviously this is going to be the best review ever!  And by “best” I mean “worst”.

Ordered a few things from HLJ recently, like this Beach Queens Palm Tree, from Wave, made to go with the rest of the Beach Queens line I guess?  Because WHY NOT

So, it’s a tree!  A palm tree, even!  Unlike the rest of the Beach Queens line, which is all supposed to be 1/10 scale, the tree is non-scale.  Seems to be smaller than 1/10 would be, at any rate, but making it bigger would probably just make it harder to photograph with other Beach Queens figures.

And here’s from the other side!

A close up of those majestic leaves.  They’re made of soft plastic and are flexible.  The box even shows a picture of them being tied down, I guess for storage or something.

Just a small little base with a sort of sand texture and color.  Unlike most figure bases, which tend to be hollow, the base of the tree is completely filled in to give it more weight and stability.

And…it’s adjustable!  Here’s the tree at a medium height, in the previous pictures it was at full height.

And here it is at its shortest.  Amazing!

This is what it all looks like disassembled/out of the box.  The two extension pieces are different lengths, but they can be used in any order.

Upskirt.  LEWD

“Knocked over in a hurricane” action!

A size comparison, at full height, with some other people that live at beaches.

Box!  FUN FACT: if you put two of these boxes together, it would be the same as what I assume is the standard size Beach Queens box!

*pomf* Wah!  What are we going to do on the bed?

Oh yeah, I guess I also got the Beach Queens Saber Extra in the same shipment.  It’s nice.

This picture turned out pretty terrible, though.  I wanted to use my TV with a picture of a beach to be a background, but there was a lot of problems and nothing worked right and fuck this someone else is going to take far better pictures than I ever will.

This is actually the first Beach Queens figure I’ve ever gotten, although there were a few abandoned pre-orders before Nero.  It’s…smaller than I was expecting, even after seeing some others in their packaging in person.  But then, Saber is supposed to be pretty short, and it’s only 1/10 scale, so presumably this one is a bit smaller than some others might be.  But, God damn, that upcoming one of Saber Alter that’s in a sitting pose is going to be tiny.

Begin orbital, I guess.

The swimsuit Saber is wearing is a ridiculous flashy thing, which is perfectly in character for her.

The base has a sand effect going on, just like the tree.  Not much, but it’s better than the typical black circle, and at least gives the impression that the character is maybe actually standing on a beach.  I believe these hexagon bases are standard for Beach Queen figures, which makes me want to come up with some sort of turn-based, hex-based tactics game that uses Beach Queens.  It’s hard to see here, but Saber’s fingernails and toenails are painted.

The head is actually on a ball joint, which for some reason Wave calls an “H Joint”, which I’m guessing is some sort of standard size they use, which could lead to headswaps if I ever get another one of these.  Saber’s ahoge is also on a sort of ball joint and can be moved around, but it’s also easy to pop out and I already almost lost it once.

The paint job is mostly okay, but it does suffer in a few places.  Most prominently perhaps is Saber’s bracelet thing, which looks more like a congealed blob of candy than the bracelet it did in promo shots.

There’s also a few errors, like here on the arm where it looks like it got a brush with the process for painting the bikini.

Back side.  A few more paint errors can be seen, as well as a kind of hideous mold line on the right arm.  Luckily, it’s not so visible from the front.

Tried to do a picture from below, since Saber’s pose and expression makes it look like she’s gloating about something/her boobs.  Also in character for her.

And then I tried to do this weird angle.

This kind of shot.

And then I just started taking random pictures.  Some of them kind of duplicate each other, but there’s a bit less to take pictures of than what I had to work with for Sakyo, so I was just kinda like WHATEVER.

Saber’s only connected to the base by one peg, which is of slight concern, but it also means Saber can be rotated on the base a bit so you can do things like this if you wanted to.

A comparison with my only other swimsuit figure, Banpresto’s prize figure of Menace.  It’s an interesting comparison, with Menace being a cheaper figure and not quite as “sharp” as Saber, but also being ridiculously awesome for a prize figure and benefiting from Menace having an amazing physically-toned body while Saber is slimmer.  I don’t think Banpresto’s Queen’s Blade prize figures were of any scale, but they are fairly close in size.

And Saber with herself.  Though this kind of makes the Beach Queen look even smaller, since Nero’s Figma, for whatever reason, is unusually tall.


Picture used for the top.

Picture used to make a header.

And that’s the end of this post.

The figure’s not bad, and I like it.  Though I think it was kind of pricey for what you get.  Dunno if I’ll be getting any other Beach Queens anytime soon.  I thought about getting the upcoming Nate with her GIGA DRILL HAIR, but it’s even more expensive and putting Horizon characters in swimsuits kind of defeats the purpose of their over-the-top Phantasy Star outfit designs.

9 thoughts on “New Arrival: Beach Queens Palm Tree and Saber Extra

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  3. Finally! Someone gives me a closer look at those Wave palm trees! I considered buying them for props but then I realized I never done or feel any desire to do any beach theme photo shoots.

    So familiar, I got a second hand Beach Queen Biri Biri as my first Beach Queen figures and my reactions are essentially the same. Biri Biri is short so I hope the rest of the line is a bit bigger, but I fear that the one other Beach Queen I bought, Laura from IS, will be tiny!

    I think this is the best Nero Saber figure besides the figma, it’s the only one that captures her personality both in the looks and pose. The demeanor is so totally like her!

    Also, nice pictures!

    • That’s one thing I forgot to mention – this is the only static figure of Saber Extra that I have, as so far I haven’t liked any of the other scale figures that have been made. I’m kind of surprised GSC hasn’t done one to go with their other Sabers yet.

  4. Whoaaa, photography level-up! These new shots are looking hot, though the same can’t be said about the tree and Saber. I found it very odd for Wave to not even bother casting the coconuts in brown, but whatever.

    My Sabertits has some problems of her own, and the response in my head is always “It’s a BQ, what do you expect?” Oh well, I think BQs are the types of things that bet a lot more appealing when amassed, just like Nendos. Except unlike Nendos, BQs often turn out derpy. I guess I’ll barf out the rest of my thoughts in my own post.

    Btw, that shooped-up shot reminds me of the cover of a cheap porno…mission accomplished??

    • Well, coconuts aren’t necessarily always brown. I even have a picture I happened to take that has some green ones visible:

      It’s kinda hard to have any sort of expectations, positive or negative, without any actual experience with the line. But, now that I have a better idea of what they do, I probably won’t worry too much about any further Beach Queens unless they do a character I really, really like and they’ve put in a swimsuit that looks good.

      I guess that’s a sign I should just get started with my destined career of making cheap porno covers. Such is the quality/lack thereof of my work!

  5. man, Beach Queens weird me out. They’re sort of in their original art style and yet aren’t, and there’s something else about them can’t describe that make me feel off.

    The paint problem on this Saber is funny though, it reminds me of keratosis that non-anime people get. You know, the red skin bumps that resemble goosebumps or acne.

    • I think part of the reason I went ahead and went for Saber as my first Beach Queen is that I thought she looked pretty good. Some of the others they’ve done, it definitely seemed like the original art style didn’t translate to figures well (like those Madoka ones).

      At least it’s really only visible under strong light or through a zoomed-in camera lens…

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