Polymer Chaos #150: Took A Couple of Days to Set In

pc_150_tookacoupleofdaystosetinSo yeah, I’m basically various body parts deep in Pokemon White 2.

It was already bad enough just starting a regular play through, but then after beating the first gym, I casually traded over a Poke from White and suddenly realized I could trade stuff over from White. So I immediately jumped back into White to start putting together a team of Pokemon I actually want to level and have good versions of to give to White 2, instead of just leveling whatever I can get my Pokeballs on that I probably won’t actually care about anyways.

Though, to be fair, the early stuff in this generation includes Lillipup, which is pretty much God-tier for Pokemon you can get that early on.

I might try to draw that Pokemon fan character I made again, improve the design and all that. If I can find time to stop playing Pokemon games, anyways. A day or so ago I had even been sort of “live tweeting” my experience as I first started White 2, complete with pictures and lots of searching in trashcans! So those are over on my Twitter if you want to be entertained by an insane person allowed on the Internet.

2 thoughts on “Polymer Chaos #150: Took A Couple of Days to Set In

  1. Oh noes, Hamster is one of those people that obsess about IVs and EVs and natures! I think that if I had learned about this when I first started playing Pokemon I might have been one those people too. Right now I am just content with actually finishing the game which seems to become increasingly hard for me to do. At least White 2 makes the whole experience more streamlined.

    • I actually never got as deep as needed to worry about IVs. But mostly, I just want to have level 100’s of Pokemon I like that aren’t pieces of trash, like when you get a nature that hinders Attack on a Pokemon that relies on Attack or such. Unfortunately, doing EVs is harder since B/W since I don’t have a working Action Replay to give me the infinite money needed to finance buying all those drugs. But I still have plenty of optimized 100’s from previous generations, so I can just focus on the newer Pokes that I like!

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