*NSFW* New Arrival: 1/7 Masterpiece of Kyorin Takanae – Sakyo

sakyopost01Time for another post already, but this one will be a bit different.  My first scaled figure in over a year!

(Originally I tried some stupid idea involving splitting the post apart so that the NSFW stuff would be separate.  I’ve decided to rescind that and make it all one post.)

Fancy picture for the DeviantArt.  Thrown through a variety of filters, including a PSP photo filter named “glamour”.

Anyways, figure in question is the 1/7 “Masterpiece of Kyorin Takanae – Sakyo” from FunnyKnights, who appear to be a part of or working with Aoshima.  This is actually the “Milestone limited edition” alternate color version of the figure, with this being the regular version.  Purchased from Amiami.  While FunnyKnights seems to be a relatively small, and probably little-known outfit, they’ve done some other figures before in the same style of doing an original character from some artist and making two versions.  The box labels the figure as a kitsune miko, so I guess it’s supposed to be miko-themed, but I kind of…mikos actually wear clothes.  Even Queen’s Blade seems to be aware of this!

I actually ended up deciding to order this one as a sort of consolation prize once I gave up on trying to find the Cat and Chair figure I had found out about.  After spending a while trying to decide which version of the figure I wanted (I like the variant better than the normal version, but HLJ wasn’t selling the variant, meaning I’d have to order the figure from somewhere where I couldn’t cancel the pre-order…) I decided on this version and placed the pre-order.  And then a repaint of the Cat and Chair figure was announced.  I ended up placing an order for that one, but I might cancel it and hope I don’t get banned from Amiami.  I thought about cancelling this figure, but the last time I cancelled an Amiami pre-order, I got two warning emails, so I decided to just stick with it.  Worst case, I could have always just resold it as soon as I got it, but obviously I decided to not do that.


Full body shot from up front.  I’ve also decided to try experimenting with using cloth backgrounds for figures like this, where the Nendoroid Playset is impractical and not a very good background.  I think it worked pretty well, at least a bit better than straight black or white, anyways.

Begin orbital.

That large seam on the back of her…sleeves is unfortunate, but it’s there for some of her cast-off capability.

Something worth pointing out, might as well be here.  The base is just a basic plastic circle, as can be seen.  However, it does at least hold the figure pretty well, with the feet actually being secured by screws.  Unfortunately, they decided to center the figure on the base based on the figure’s feet.  Sakyo’s pose is such that her center of gravity is closer to the edge of the base rather than near the center, so the figure will have a tendency to tilt when moving it around.  It’s not enough to affect normal stability, at least.  But it also looks kind of stupid, because most of the figure’s mass is off-center, so she doesn’t even look centered on the base.

Closing up.  Some of the promo shots kind of made the eyes look a bit odd to me, but they seem to be perfectly fine.

Curiously, Sakyo’s one of those catgirls/foxgirls that has both human and animal ears.  I prefer my *girls to only have one set of ears, but it’s not a deal breaker.  Although it would have been nice if there was some paint detail on the inside of the fox ears, since there’s some sculpted detail.  It’s also possible to see some of the mild paint issues this figure does have, with the trim on the sleeves not completely staying within the lines, or however you want to put it.

Back of the head.  She’s got a neat hair dec, but since it appears to just directly plug in to the back of her head, I’m not entirely sure what it is aside from the bells.

Sash.  I want to think these things have a specific name but I can’t remember it at the moment and the Internet isn’t reading my mind.  It casts off.

I think I wanted to point out the underwear, if it can even be called that, with this picture, but it will be detailed later.

There’s a tiny bit of flashing on the underside of one boob, but once I care enough I think it could be easily fixed.

I-I guess people can bend their backs at that angle?  At least some people, maybe?  Also, the tail has to be plugged in at first, but it also has a round peg so you can kind of rotate it some.  Oddly, the connection point (and probably the whole tail) is made of a softer plastic, so it has a bit of give at the joint, and I’m a bit worried about it for the long term.

It’s a pretty nice tail, though.  There’s a bit of a white gradient at the tip, and also on Sakyo’s ears.

The sleeves are sculpted to indicate some sort of turning movement, consistent with the rest of the figure.  They have a flower petal print on them.  On the normal version of this figure, there’s a paint gradient, but the sleeves on this version are a solid color.

Stockings.  They have a bit of a sheen to them, but not to the degree of Goodsmile’s infamous SUPERGLOSS effect that they do. The stockings also nicely dig in a bit at the tops.

The stockings have these little cut-outs at the top on both the front and back (though they differ between).  Unfortunately, you can tell that the flesh color was done on top of a darker color for them, and there’s a bit of stray paint splatter.

There’s also cut-outs on the back of the ankles, which…okay.  You can also see that one of her feet is lifting up from the sandals that she’s wearing.  They’re not flat to the base, so there’s little wedges of plastic making up the difference in angles.

Sakyo has a few accessories, the default being hands holding paper talismans.  They’re pretty nice looking.  They’re also glued into the hands.

The hands detach at the bracelets.

Alternate hands for holding different accessories.  All of the hands are made of softer plastic, like the tail, so they go in and out pretty easily.  Not sure what that might mean for durability, though.

First of the other accessories is one of those paper flail things.

The other extra accessory is…I don’t know what the hell this thing is.  A piece of toast?  A giant Chiclet?  A piece of Thick Leather from World of Warcraft?  I may never know.

The normal version of this figure hasn’t been shown with these two accessories, so they might be just for the limited version, I guess to help make up for the mass difference since the normal one has those huge twin tails.

Of course, the flail hand can hold other things, as well!

Sakyo also has a pair of unsleeved arms, which is why that seam line in the back was there, as that’s the separation point.  Each arm and hand socket has a unique design, so you can’t (easily) mix them up or rotate them.  Unfortunately, the figure’s biggest paint problem is obvious here, with the gold from the trim of the sleeves having transferred onto the arms.  I’m not sure if the paint removal method I know of will work here, so I don’t know yet if I’ll try.  But since the paint is kind of globbed on like that, I wonder if I might be able to scrape it off, carefully.

The alternate arms.  She’s still wearing armbands to hide the joint, but it doesn’t do anything about that paint.

Closer.  The paint on the arm bands is a bit uneven, too.

Sleeveless from behind.  You can see the sash’s separation seam here, normally it’s pretty well hidden behind the sleeve.

Pretty big box, which makes sense, since it has to accommodate the twin tails of the normal version.

In fact, it’s the exact same box as the normal version, just with a different sticker slapped on the front.  Kind of odd, since this version had its own character art as well.

Full version of the top picture.

Size comparison with a Figma.

Alongside another 1/7 scale figure I have, the Gothic Lolita Haruhi Suzumiya from Griffon.

Haven’t done one of these in a while.

sakyopost38And the sash comes off!  Also leaving the sleeves off for a moment.sakyopost39For a piece of plastic cast-off clothing, I think they did a pretty good job with the sash.  It manages to snuggle the figure well without being obnoxiously thick like some cast-off clothing can be, and the little connector tabs actually work and will plug in flush easily and not try to undo themselves. sakyopost40 sakyopost41Boobies.  They’re nice.sakyopost42From behind.sakyopost43 sakyopost44Sleeves back on for a moment.sakyopost45The underwear starts to get a bit odd in the back.  For some reason, they opted to not bother sculpting it all.  I assume they were going for a “dug in between the ass cheeks” look, but it comes out a bit odd.  It was a known quantity, though, as this was visible in the promo pics.  The underwear is made of the same soft plastic as other parts of the figure, so the ends of the undies don’t quite stay in place perfectly, especially since the pegs that hold them in place are on the sides. sakyopost46So you can do something like this and peek.sakyopost47Now to move on to the “do at your own risk” section.  The panties, bare as they are and being a separate piece attached to the main figure, apparently aren’t meant to be cast-off.  However, they’re only held in place by two small pegs and easily broken glue.  So if you really want to take the panties off, you can, but you’ll be left with two obvious holes on the figure. sakyopost48The hole on the other side, which is a bit worse with the glop of paint.  I think I can scrape it off carefully, though. sakyopost49The thong, or whatever.  Taking it off requires pulling it up the figure (with the arms off, of course), and carefully pulling it over the head. sakyopost50But then, you get fuller nudity.  Holes are still there, but they seem like the kind of thing that could be easily photoshopped out. sakyopost51You could also take advantage of camera angles to hide them.sakyopost52There’s a bit of detail.sakyopost53Sleeves back on.  I think it looks cute.sakyopost54 sakyopost55Hiding the holes, again.sakyopost56Picture originally used to make a header, though not anymore.sakyopost57I noticed Sakyo looked neat with just a single light from above, so I took this.

8 thoughts on “*NSFW* New Arrival: 1/7 Masterpiece of Kyorin Takanae – Sakyo

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  2. An unknown figure from an unknown manufacturer, at least to me anyways. I very rarely take a look at lesser know manufacturers and have yet to buy anything from others than the usual suspects, should really reconsider that.

    I think the most surprising aspect for me is all the different bits and pieces that come with the figure, several display options are always nice.

    Pictures look great, the cloth backdrop worked out, I say you should try it again.

    • The majority of scale figures I have are original designs/based on someone’s art rather than being licensed characters from some anime. Probably because when it comes to actual characters I like, I’d rather have something with articulation. But this also means I’ve ended up with a bunch of figures from random-ass companies, yet I still don’t have anything from, say, Alter or Goodsmile (GSC proper, anyways).

      It seems to be a rising trend, over the past few years, for static figures to include more optional parts. Although, it’s probably something easier to incorporate in figures with cast-off capabilities.

      I plan on sticking with cloth backgrounds for scaled figures like this. Since it’s not terribly expensive to go grab a yard of something or other, picking out some fabric that matches a particular figure wouldn’t be out of the question.

  3. Oh Hamster, you so crazy about them animal ears. I’m amazed you didn’t buy those brain wave cat ears at Otakon! The photos look great, and I’m glad to hear you had fun taking them. The fabric backdrop also looks neat — real professional-like. Where did you get it?

    You know my opinion on split-posts, but it actually turned out pretty nicely. One suggestion I have is to make the links to the NSFW post more visible to the skimmers. I recommend giant pink buttons that has the words “CLICK HERE FOR TITS” on it. Some figures look better with clothes on, but I think Sakyo looks the best cast off with the sleeves on. How are you going to display her?

    • I don’t put cat ears on myself. Besides, I wasn’t entirely impressed with those things. They sit too far above the head and had all that stuff to connect to the head.

      It’s just a yard of fabric I got from a nearby fabric store. There’s a chain here called JoAnn’s that sells a ton of different fabrics, don’t know what you have in the Canada.

      Hmm, yeah, probably should use capital letters next time or something. But I guess I can also see how many people actually care about the other pictures by comparing the number of views!

      Right now I’ve got everything on her, but the sash is simple to remove and can even be done while the sleeves are still on, which I think I forgot to mention on the other side.

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