New Arrival: Revoltech Rathalos

rathalospost01So, next is Revoltech Rathalos, from the Monster Hunter game series.  Purchased from Amiami.

I’m not really sure what I’m doing with this.  Maybe it will be useful to someone.  Probably not.  I know at least one person is only here for the “funny” pictures, anyways.

I had thought about attempting to write this post entirely in Dragon, but it’s kind of limited and there’s a few things about Rathalos that need pointing out.  Also, I figured it would be a good idea to not intentionally make one of these posts even worse than they already are.

Outside picture.  Yaaaaay.

The main thing to point out about Rathalos is that his wings are made of a soft, flexible plastic, but not nearly as soft and flexible as what you might find making up the skirt of a Figma.  It’s much thicker, and doesn’t seem to be intended to actually fold all that much, just kind of bend.  The joints in the wings are also not really there for the normal movement and the clicking, but more to just rotate in the sockets.  The wing segments are glued to both Rathalos’ body and the “arm” segments, making each side of the wingspan functionally a single piece.

I’m not sure I’ll really be able to get how the movement on the wings works with my shitty text and pictures, but hopefully something can be gleamed from this.

Flying pose again.  I’ve got the legs fully retracted here.  Rathalos’ “shoulder pads”, for lack of anything better to call them, are actually attached to the bottom of the neck section, rather than to the torso itself.  The connection is flexible, so they can conform to however you have the wings going.

Back of Rathalos.

Outside of the wings and legs, the rest of Rathalos’ articulation is along his spine.  The head and neck are two separate jointed sections, and the tail is made up of even more sections, allowing a good amount of range up or down.

I believe the point of this picture was to give a clear shot of the hips and fully extended legs.  Also a good view of how the stand attaches to Rathalos.

Rathalos’ lower jaw is on one of the tiny joints Revoltechs use.  The tongue is also jointed, though just on a simple hinged peg.

The tongue is easily removable.  Rathalos can actually close his mouth a little bit more without it.


Or, the fire breath accessory.  The tongue has to be removed to use it, and it just pegs into the same hole the tongue comes out of.

Rathalos comes with a miniature Hunter Swordsman figure, though unpainted.  Unless you get that upcoming Revoltech Swordsman, anyways.

Rathalos is extremely light on the accessories.  Besides the fire breath, the Hunter, and the stand, the only other part is a bit that can be stuck on the tail in place of one of the smaller segments to give it a “cut off” look.  And then you can’t even get all three accessories into the Revocontainer at the same time!

Also, I put Rathalos in a pretty good “dead” pose for this picture, AND DIDN’T TAKE A PICTURE OF IT.  I am so great at this.

The stand is, unsurprisingly, a Revoltech stand.  With a few extras.  Using it involves sticking the ring at the end between two of the tail segments, as could be seen in other pictures.  Unfortunately, this is highly unstable and rather hard to work with.  It’s actually a bit easier to use the stand without that extension piece, but you may be better off with something that has a wider footprint, like a Tamashii Stage.

Box, thicker than the Revoltech standard.  I guess “Liolaeus” is the Japanese name or something.

And now I’m going to stop writing more pointless text and just post miscellaneous pictures that may or may not be of interest and/or use.


16 thoughts on “New Arrival: Revoltech Rathalos

  1. Oh wow, there were less Skyrim jokes then I thought there’d be, and I was reading the review with the Skyrim trailer music playing in the back!

    I chuckled when I saw the title image because Rathalos is looking pretty derp, but then I realized the fact that it has focused eyes really is a good thing. Even though they’re bloody tiny, the way the Revoltech T-rex’s eyes looked to the sides always bothered me. Rathalos looks very predatory with his eyes locked in front of him — I like it.

    • I didn’t want to hammer the Skyrim similarities too hard. Of course, had I done the post in Dragon, that would have been far too many arrows to the knee.

      It’s a bit annoying that the pupils aren’t aligned properly, but as I don’t think many pictures would have both eyes easily visible like that, it shouldn’t be too bad.

  2. Dammit, why does Kaiyodo do this to people. First it was the Alien Queen, then the T-Rex and now the Rathalos, make this stuff to scale dang it. I would totally drop the cash to built a pantheon of Monster Hunter stuff.

    That aside every time I see Japanese names I end up finding them kinda lame. Doesn’t sound impressive enough, lacks oomph. Although that is possibly as a direct result of the monster names being forever ingrained into my brain thanks to the hundreds of hours spent playing the games.

    Still cool though.

    • Considering how big most of the monsters are, I don’t think there was ever going to be any chance of Rathalos being in the general 1/12-ish scale range…

      I wish I could play the games more, but I don’t have any friends that also own a PSP and would also play Monster Hunter living near me. Well, I also don’t have any friends.

  3. I don’t think BGS needed her sword in taming the beast. XD
    The last few pics are very… disturbing…

    Hmm… The Swordman (next to be release) is very tempting…

  4. Ah, it’s kind of on the small side. Reminds me of a certain tiny T-Rex. I keep wanting these lizard animal things to be on figma scale so I can make them fight. Well at least the wingspan is impressive.

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