New Arrival: Figma Index

indexpost01Or “Index Librorum Prohibitorum” if you’re feeling naughty.  One of only two figures I picked up at Otakon, and the only one I’ll be doing a post like this for, since the other is just a Petit Nendo.  Though I did put that nice picture of it in the previous post.

Index is from the series A Certain Magical Index/To Aru Majitsu no Index, a show about a guy that punches things.  Index, unfortunately, isn’t a particularly important part of her own series after the first arc or so.

The fancy image for DeviantArt.  Don’t have too many books that are filled with what could be prohibited imagery, so I used The Book of Cain made for Diablo 3.  Ran the picture through a few filters, too.

So, Indecksu!  You can see a few of her rather limited accessories here.  Her default face is nice, though it is somewhat annoying that it’s looking to one side instead of forward.  The praying hands is actually a single piece that has to peg into both arms, but the wrist pegs are much shorter than on regular hands, making it pretty easy to get them in place.  Although that means they can also pop out easier, but they hold a pose pretty well.

But before running down a list of her other accessories, I’ll talk about Index’s most important feature – the cloth skirt!  I believe Index was the first released Figma to use actual cloth like this, and luckily it turned out pretty well.  It’s a really soft and thin material that conforms to the shape of the figure nicely without looking stiff or impeding articulation, for the most part.  I imagine trying to do Index’s skirt with either soft or hard plastic, as Max Factory usually does, would have been a disaster no matter what they tried.  Maybe they’ll try it for more things in the future, other than capes.

While the skirt’s material doesn’t get in the way of articulation, the shape of the skirt itself does, a bit.  It’s open at the back, but the slit only goes a short way up before the seam where it’s sewn together.

The factor limiting her articulation the most is the fact that most of her body is made up of a single piece.  While she has a waist joint, it can’t move around too much and there are no other torso joints.  The robe being hard plastic also limits what poses she can do, like sitting or anything where the dynamic sculpt might get in the way.  Index was also sculpted with an arch to her back.  A combination of Index’s shortness and the sculpt of her hair means that her stand mostly has to be used in the same awkward way as other short Figmas, like Ika Musume.  She comes with a peg adapter bit to theoretically make it easier to work with her, but she also works fine without the bit.

However, just because there’s limitations inherit in her design, doesn’t mean Index isn’t capable of action poses!  Index’s arms are standard fare for Figmas, just being limited by their own bulk, though at least Index’s safety pin pauldrons are made of the softer flexible plastic.

Moving on to some of the other accessories, a pouty face and a second hair fringe for having Index without her hat.  Also, one thing I didn’t realize until I actually had the figure in my hands was that the safety pins and…polygons(?) are painted a different metallic color than the trim on her habit.  Seemed like a neat touch to me, but I’m probably just bad at noticing things like that.

The fringe for wearing the hat has a peg hole that keeps the hat in place, and is also sculpted slightly differently so that Index’s head will accommodate the hat.  They probably could have made it work with just one fringe piece, but having two versions is better and I’m sure they were trying to give her at least some accessories.  The two front strands of hair are made of soft plastic on both versions.

Index also comes with her kitten, Sphinx, which is molded to be able to sit on top of Index’s hat.  There’s no peg holes for it, so Sphinx stays up there by friction and sheer determination.

Finally, Index’s best face, the glutton face.  She also comes with a fork and knife, as well as a pair of hands specifically for holding them.  Both of the utensils have the same handle, so either one can go in either hand.  Index’s only other pairs of hands are all standard-issue – fists, a splayed pair, and a holding-things pair.

Just a picture demonstrating using the stand without the extra bit.  Index’s robe is actually subtly sculpted to allow the arm to get pretty much parallel with Index’s body line.

They’re off-white.  I’m sure this is important to someone.  Also, her abdomen is actually colored properly, interesting since it’d likely never be seen outside of deliberately looking up the skirt.

Index is roughly the same height as Ika Musume, though Index seems taller since her stand peg and shoulders/neck are higher than Ika’s.  It might be just enough that if Index’s hair wasn’t in the way, she’d be able to use a stand normally.  Also, I need to find those ‘Index-tan’ specials some time.

Index’s box.  Her di:stage punch out is just the logo for her series.  I wish Max Factory would do more stuff like the spell circles that some of the Nanoha Figmas had instead of plain logos that really can’t be put to much use in photography.

Another comparison, with a Misaka Imouto, from the same series.  I hope she gets a reissue.

Another comparison, with Madoka.  Though this picture isn’t really indicative of comparative heights.

Index!  You had a growth spurt!

still don’t know why I made this.

Rathalos what are you doing get out of here it’s not your turn yet!

8 thoughts on “New Arrival: Figma Index

  1. Hi, sorry to ask what is probably a pitifully stupid question. I would like to know what figure that poseable body with the risqué shirt belongs to? Any info would be stupendous. Thanks so much.

  2. Thank god Index was not in another bundle, I expected an Index PSP game for me to buy just like I did for Misaka and Kuroko.

    Index is fun, I like her I’m gonna eat you face quite a bit. I also think the cloth stuff worked out pretty well, makes wonder what other characters Max Factory will use it on.

    • I can’t help but think one of the higher-ups involved with the Index series doesn’t like Railgun for some reason. I’ve been tempted to get Mikoto recently, though, since I’ve seen her going for 3500 yen on Mandarake.

  3. I approve of the DORAMATIKU picture. =D
    Poor Madoka, always on the receiving end of… *ahem* ;)

    Now, since MF used fabric on her… meaning… a Patchouli is on the drawing board?…

    • Ooh, I hadn’t thought about a Patchy using the same set up. Though, Max Factory hasn’t announced any new Touhou Figmas in quite a while, and nothing on the subject came out of them at Wonfes…

  4. Hnnng, that glutton face is sooo good. I don’t know why you made the batman picture either, but I’m glad you did. DAT DRAMATIC LIGHTING. I also like how it’s an alternative rape face. I’m sure Madoka’s in for a fun night, consent optional.

    Also, holy shit, why does Index’s head work so well on Aya? I HAVE THE WEIRDEST BONER.

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