New Arrival: Goodsmile Ultimate Madoka

lol j/k

So I’m back from Otakon, and now my life is once again boring and dull and friendless and mostly uninteresting.

Ended up going with Chag this year, also making it the first time I’ve gone and actually used a hotel.  Previously, I had stayed with a friend that lives outside of Baltimore.  My world experience grows.

I didn’t really take many pictures, though.  I guess it’s just not in me, and I decided to just stick with my phone camera, mostly taking random shots of buildings.  Most of the pictures I did take were posted on my Twitter at some point!  Chag had his fancy camera and was taking all sorts of pictures, so I suppose he’ll post them some where later.  There were a lot of interesting cosplayers, though, including two people dressed as the Shiva from Final Fantasy XIII.  They could even set up to do the ‘scissoring together to form some kind of bizarre motorcycle’ thing.

Dual-wielding my armbands was fun, and on one day I wore my hat for most of the time, because I want to be the Touhou.

Anyways, ended up having quite an enjoyable experience.  Actually ended up spending a lot of time in panels and such, aside from the usual time spent prowling the Dealer Room.  This year, I also did not skip the Artist Alley.  Was able to go to Q&A sessions for Gen Urobuchi, who had an awesome Assassin hoodie, and Aya Hirano, who was moé.  There were also some miscellaneous panels attended, such as one hosted by the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund about what is basically the criminalization of manga, and one about figure collecting.  The figure panel was better than I was expecting, though I wasn’t expecting much and it sort of felt like being on /toy/, which is understandable.

Otakon had three musical guests this year.  Or maybe two and a half.  First one was a lady named Mikako Joho, who I guess is sort of new?  She did a bunch of nice singing and piano playing and I need to find some of her music to buy.  Joho was being listed as the opening act for a K-Pop boy band called VIXX, but I really have to wonder about that.  While VIXX sounded okay, at least based on what I could hear over fangirl squealing, they only did three songs (and one was just an awkward cover of an English song) and some dancing (not as impressive as Chemistry from last year).  Joho was actually on stage longer than VIXX, and I liked her better.  The final guest was, of course, Aya Hirano.  Her concert was pretty awesome and God damn does she have a lot of energy to be bouncing around the stage like that.  Hearing ‘God Knows’, ‘Lost My Music’, ‘Super Driver’, and ‘Bouken Desho Desho’ all live was great.

Amazingly, I managed to get out of the con having only purchased two (2!) figures, a new record for me I’m sure.  I made up for that by buying a bunch of other crap, instead.  The two figures were Figma Index and a Petit Nendoroid Godoka (as pictured!), while I also picked up all three of the Madoka Magica Blu-Ray volumes, Aya Hirano’s latest CD, ‘Fragments’ (PIZZA), a CD from Kalafina titled ‘After Eden’, IOSYS’ ‘Touhou Eijanho’ CD, an artbook from Fujima Takuya, a random Touhou Yuyuko x Youmu doujin, this year’s Otakon shirt, a Touhou shirt, prints from joodlez and bara-chan, and a random grab bag of Magic rares.  I almost bought a box set for some maid card game called Tanto Cuore, but didn’t since I’d never have anyone to play with, and the Huke artbook/Figma Black Rock Shooter Beast set since one booth was selling it for $100.  And then I finally bought a Detolf from IKEA on the way home.  I managed to get a signature from Urobuchi on the first Madoka BD, but decided to pass on trying to get one from Hirano.  There were simply too many people, and I didn’t want to fight them.

Went and saw The Dark Knight Rises with Chag before he had to be whisked away back to the Canada.  Seemed pretty nice, though there were a bunch of holes and one rather large stupid villian plot.

One rather interesting and unexpected side effect of Otakon turned out to be my feeling towards the 3DS I purchased about a month ago.  I still only have one game, the awesome Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, and about to buy another rhythm game, Rhythm Thief.  But Otakon ended up being the system’s Trial by Fire for me, and a lot of functions I never thought I’d get much use out of turned out to be rather engrossing.  If you aren’t aware, the console has a sort of near-field social tagging function called StreetPass, where when two 3DS’ are within range of each other and turned on or in sleep mode, they’ll exchange Miis and game information if both consoles have the same game in (and the game has StreetPass capabilities).  These exchanged Miis can then be used to unlock some pictures that are really good at showing off the 3D gimmick and used in a RPG-ish mini game called ‘Find Mii’.  The important thing about Find Mii is that it is basically a game about trying to get more hats for your Mii to wear.  Even Nintendo has joined the Hat-Based Economy!  Before going to Otakon, I had zero StreetPass tags.  By the end of the convention, I had harvested 546 StreetPass tags and a whole bunch of Theatrhythm tags.  Unfortunately, you can only harvest ten Miis at a time, but there were times where I’d get another ten while I was grinding the ten I just got through Find Mii.  Ultimately, I basically never turned my 3DS off, leaving it in standby mode any time I wasn’t playing it, even when sleeping (it was tagging other people in the hotel!), so I think it was on for at least 48 hours straight at some point or another.  Otakon single handedly elevated my 3DS’ status from “UNSURE FEELS” to “YOU ARE NOW A PERMANENT FIXTURE IN MY LIFE”.  Of course, I probably will only get scant StreetPass tags now, at least until the next convention.

AND THEN WONFES HAPPENED RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF OTAKON!  Definitely insta-buying Nendoroid Yuno, and Figma Bride Master and Nendoroid Mokou are Very Likely.  Also, some of those announcements, God damn.  Figma Avengers, a third Smash Bros. character, and a Best Aegis?  I hope Max Factory can deliver.

And now I’ve got a ton of stuff to get cleaned up and pictures of new figures to take (since Revoltech Rathalos also came in the mail) and CDs to rip and BDs to watch and a year of being sad and alone again to spend.

But, hey.  By the time the con rolls around next year I’ll actually have a viable cosplay option along with the insanity required to do it!

6 thoughts on “New Arrival: Goodsmile Ultimate Madoka

  1. Figma Avengers? Figma Captain America? Do want! Figma Black Widow? Do Want!

    I mean, Tony does look lonely on my shelf.

  2. I can feel your enthusiasm and happiness emanating for your writing, I’m glad you guys had fun. Didn’t expect Hirano Aya to sing, live God Knows must have been neat.

    Also, you did not purchase nearly enough porn.

    Second also, Nendo Yuno’s face is not wide enough. 1/10 would not buy.

    • You should see a doctor, you shouldn’t be feeling enthusiasm and happiness, especially from me.

      I think it’d be kind of silly to bring Hirano in to not sing.

      Now now, that’s just the concept art. I have full confidence that one of Yuno’s faces will be a specially-designed WIDEFACE.

  3. Well, color me disappointed.

    I’m somewhat jealous, seems like you had quite a nice time. Now I will forever regret my choice and having bailed out of this adventure. Going to see Aya Hirano and Gen Urobochi seemed like a nice experience.

    Still, it’s ok, I will forever comfort myself by thinking that I did not go so I wouldn’t get in between some ChagXHamsterCorp.

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