12 thoughts on “Polymer Chaos #142: Yotsubeatmania! Epilogue Side Haruhi

  1. I can’t see any artifacts on older comics! Then again, I’m notoriously bad at spotting them, a lot of my photos have really bad artifacting that only Zai can see.

    Btw, I love this commenting widget thingy. It’s so …. interactive-ey

    • Everyone knows only good guys use the democratic process! Haruhi has been redeemed!

      Following Michael Wilson’s example would only really work if Yotsuba was already President and Haruhi was a traitorous VP.

  2. Meh, Yuki probably just used her powers to change reality to make Haruhi rich as opposed to any hanky panky. Even Yotsuba will have trouble with Yuki.

    • She’ll win on her platform of making her country more exciting and increasing funding for the search for aliens, time travelers, and espers! She doesn’t need to buy the election!

  3. I wonder how many dicks she’s been sucking to raise those election campaign funds. Actually, she’s probably making Mikuru do that instead!

  4. Haruhi for president? Hmm…She just got my vote. =)

    Actually, never did noticed there was any compression artifacts in your previous postings.

    • She’s pushing a plan for legislation that will see every Japanadian home provided with access to rythym games!

      I never noticed it at first, because it’s an unusual form of artifact, and sometimes I thought there was just something wrong with my eyes. But if you look carefully, there’s something like phantom borders alongside each comic’s normal borders. And then it made me crazy.

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