Polymer Chaos #141: Yotsubeatmania! Epilogue Side Yotsuba

pc_141_yotsubeatmaniaepilogue1Finally doing that epilogue I mentioned at some point. However, I decided it’d be better if I just split it up into multiple comics. I couldn’t help but wonder if those long-form ones were a good idea or not.


8 thoughts on “Polymer Chaos #141: Yotsubeatmania! Epilogue Side Yotsuba

  1. And so the original story line slowly comes to a close.

    Now, time to do the totally unrelated sequel that is used to artificially expand on the original. I look forward to the second season antagonists.

  2. Nice use of a large cityscape picture for the backdrop, looks very natural with the scene.
    And yes, ice-creams are awesome, especially on a hot day.

    • Using the same “Printed out picture” technology as the rest of the Yotsubeatmania! comics!

      Although hopefully the day isn’t so hot that your ice cream melts before you can finish it.

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